Friday, May 14, 2010

A big bug

This was a while back, but in our yard my mom saw this hug bug it looked like a beatle but it could not fly. it's like the one in A Bugs Life if you have ever seen that moovie. It had a horn and it was about as long as half your fin.ger, the picture is about life sized.

My brothers where not home yet and I wanted them to see it so I put it in a glass contaner. I also took a leaf, thing, off a flower on acsadent and then put it on the bug as a croun (that's the green thing in the pictur).
I scared the thing and I think in the pictur it is playing dead.

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  1. Hi Elizabeth!
    This is Caleb and Josiah! We really like the pictures of the bugs and the toad! Thank you for putting them on your blog for us to see! Tell your brothers hi for us! We miss you all a lot!