Friday, May 21, 2010

My Brightness

So I'm in Malawi, and I am learning a bunch of stuff! I've learned adding, subtracting, multiplying, and dividing, and other things in math all in just the 4 months sence we have been here. I was like in a 2ed grade level of math befor we came and now I know a tone more and even some reall 6th grade math. I've also learned things in hitery, and science, and litericher, and spelling, and things in the Bible.

My teacher is really good. She is like a "teacher/friend/counsuler/cool person" , I've learned things like how to be in an actual class room (wich I have not don in a long time). I've learned to have more self controle, and pashentce, and to be more dilejent, and to take more responsebility with my home work. Home work and school at ABCCA (African Bible Coledge Crischon Acadamy) has been hard for me I guess, like just geting my home work finished, actual school time is usualy esy for me. Home work can get over welming some times, and I wish for a brake from school, but I love going to school, because I have never had a beter teacher that can teach you so much cool stuff and at the same time be a friend and awsome funny person, I never had a better class of people befor eather, there are all girls in my class, 14 girls, and I am so glad! Boys at school, for me it's just a wast of a school year, because they mess every thing up and they alwas gross you out by picing there nose and their alwas noddy, and you al was have to get pared up with them and it's so dumb! so I am glad I am in the class that I'm in this year.
I've never had a better class so I'm atualy really sad that the school year only has like 3 weeks left because next year my teacher will not be hare and I am really hopeing that next year could be really awsome just like this year has been. I have to be held back a year so I'll be in 6th grade again next year, but I will not even be with the same class mates so yeah I wish the school year could just go on and on. It has been the best school year ever this year no matter how hard some times have been with school stuff, it's still been the best year I have ever had at school!

I really love learning stuff when it's fun!

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  1. Yay! I'm so glad you're liking school there!! When does your Summer break start? Any plans for the Summer?

    Love and miss ya!
    God bless!