Friday, July 2, 2010

Awesome Floppy

Today I went to play with the kittens, and Floppy (the mom) was sitting neer the back of their shed, which she usualy dose not do. I went back there and started to pet floppy. then I saw that there was a dead blue hedded lizard laying on the floor. it was dark so I could not see it very well but I know floppy cot it. this is not the first time she has cot a lizard but she has never goten one so big before! Floppy is amazing becase she has a coler with a loud bell on it and still catches the fastest lizards that are only a little smaler that herself. Floppy is really cool, and she is a good mother to her kittens, but I have to say a dead blue heded lizard is not that pretty.
in the pictur above the lizard is in front of Anny and Shadow And floppy is standing to the left of it. on the card board that they are on you can see blood in front of the lizard. ........ thats gross.

You can see in this picture that floppy must have goten it in the nek, or it might be more like the hed. the eyes look really gross and dead..... and it's all scaly...... I'm grossing my self out to much I'm making it wors that it was befor.... anywhay the lizard is like a foot long. thats all the more I'm going to say...

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  1. LOL!!! That's sooooooooooooooooo gross!!! =)