Friday, July 2, 2010


Me and my brothers and jim's friend Ryan made up a town caled "Town". The currency is caled "monee" and we each have a credit card that on the back says how much mony we curently have. when someone buys somthing they erase the number on the back and re-write how much they would have after paying the person for the merchantice, then the preson who got payed would just add the mony to there card. We did the mony that way to save paper.

My business is caled E's S&S, Elizabeth's Signs and Salon. I make signs for other peoples business and also do nails and hair and stuff like that. The sign thing has really worced out! I've goten no customers for the solon though, becase all the other resedens of the town are boys.

anywhay..... here is the sign I did for Jim and Ryan's stor: JR4.

The J stands for Jim. The R stands for Ryan. The 4 is for somthing randome rentle restront . It's the awesomest store! they are using matreses for wals and it's in the room that will be jims as soon as we pant it and clean it out. there stor has a few foods like smal bags of penuts and botles of hot sause and things like that. thay also have a ton of vidio games that they rent out to people, it's really fun! For the food that you might buy they also have a "food court" it's just a coffe table with pelows for seats. They have a bath room with a sign that says "for paying costomers ONLY" (I made that sign) Every thing in there stor looks sooooooo vidio game stor-ish! even their outfits look like a real vidio game rentle store. they where T-shits and tiny goofy clip on tiys. They look funny and so dose there store, but I love it.
They are my top Sign buying costomers too.

By the whay... PLEASE do not say any thing to jim about this post. He told me not to blog about his store, after I was nearly done writing it up. I was cinda sad about that, and my mom and dad sayed I should go ahed and post it so... I am! Thank you

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  1. LOL sounds fun! If I were there, I'd totally have to come to the salon!! =)