Friday, July 23, 2010

My July 23

204 My 23 was cinda fun. I did not do much, and I spent pretty much the hole day by myself but it was still sort of entertaning.
When I got up I watched an epasode of LOST with my brothers. (It was a lame one...) Then I set off to do my dayly things. I didnt eat brakefast and didnt do my hair or make my bed and all the other things just like most days. at 10:00 I forgot about math tutering. (that was cinda bad) but it's ok becase I found out later that I was doing tutering at 4:00 insted. but... I just realized actualy that it is 5:30 right now... ohhhhhh... OOPS! :( Well so I mist tutering all together.

Anywhay after I watched LOST and did nothing, I wint in my room and sat at my desk to try to think of somthing to do. I sat there sor a wile totaly planing out my dream room in my hed. although I REALLY love my room as it is. It is so messy and every thing is every war but I like it that whay becase it makes my room seem as big as it is and really smal at the same time. After that I disided to finish up my "Millyon E" albom. Meaning my folder of pics on my computer acount that hase a total of 204 pictures all of me! that whay when I ever need a picture of myself for anything I know where to look for a good one. I have now learnd the art of smiling and not looking really weird.... ok nevermind about that. But even if they are not good picturs they wer really fun to take!

The picture below is of me in my horably messy bedroom. All the pics in this post are from my "Millyon E's" folder. I was so bord so I just pracist my skills at self taken fotos! or as some of my cuzens would say "an Unkle Dan picture" haha.

This picture is really bad, but you can see my bed behind it and thats the reson I put it in. notice how "neet" and "cleerd off" my bed looks! lol.... NOT REALLY! yeah I like it that whay thuogh really. suprizingly enough it's pretty easy to find all my stuff when I need it. I have leard where every thing is, even thuogh it's everyware and out of place.

This is me being board. The DS game I am holding is caled "Blue Rescue Team, Mystery Dungon" It's fun you go into dungons (wich are really just forests and mountans) and you rescue people. I tryed to play it, becase I have to hury up and beat the game befor Jim takes it away. The game belongs to Jim but I am borowing it, Jims going to tak it back soon becase he wants to lone it to another friend. anywhay I tryed to play it but my DS's batery was ded so I was playing around with the camera.

I took a picture of my eye becase I was bord too. dont ask me why I put that picture on this post. I dont really know why. yeah anyway......

This is my DESK! I really like siting at my desk becase I have basikly a sort of wall on every side and that makes me feel safe, insted of haveing my back ternd to the door, afrade that someone might sneek up on me. My desk is messy too but it's nice-ish...

My day was kinda fun. but tomarow will be more boring because I have run out of things to do. I'll figure somthing out! :)
Blog to you later,

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