Friday, July 2, 2010

our kittens

3 weeks ago we got 5 cats! We were planing to get one kitten, but these people were moving and wanted us to take all 5, so we did. we got the mom named floppy and her 4 kitens. there was a wight one like the mom and a blak one and 2 orange ones. We were going to have them be house cats, but then the litter aperently was not good enogh so they pooped every where, like on the bed on the maseto nets on the wall and every whar els! so now they are out-door cats. they live in the termite infested shed in our backyard. they have a nice bed and food and water and they have a flower garden right by their house that they use as a toylet. there are plenty of trees to climb, and even one that leads up to the (safe from dogs) roof of the shed.
Daisy is a dog on campus who's oners are on ferlow, (all the dogs who are cerently with out oners around like that we now call "stays") She likes to hang around and try to eat the kittens and Floppy (the mom) constently has to give her a scrach on the nose to get her away.
One time Daisy got all the dogs that are on campus, yes all of them, and went over to the cat shed and started barking and growling and showing their teeth, and they where there for a long time becase Floppy could not scar them off so we had to go kik all the dogs to get them to go away. While the dogs where there my kiten was trying to run inside but the dogs got her and wat the vet thinks is she ether got her hed bashed on the brick that keeps the door kindofe closed or bit by a dog, so her face was all bloody and stuf. She was acting a little funny and we were woryed that she had rabies, then we took her to the vet and she was fine.

This is Floppy, they very wonderfule mother cat. she pretects her kitend and caches food for them and trys to teech them to do it themselves. wen a dog comes she leavs it to the kitten to scar them away unles she NEEDS to step in and do it herself.
This is Orangey, Stephens kitty. He is a scardy cat and runs away from every thing but if you can catch him and hold him he is sooooo cute and cudly and nice! he is also very afrade of cameras.
This is Anny Jo, my kitty. Anny is named after my mom and my kousin Kimberly. She looks alot like her mom but fluffyer. She dos not really seem to like me. or at least she dos not like to be held, and she is a great climber.
This Is Shadow, Jim's Cat. he is a little skared too but not as much as Orangey. Jim sayes he is hyper and scrachy. And he also has a mustash!

This Is Sunshine, he is Will's. Sunshine is the smalest of the litter and the calmest and funest to hold. We thot he was a girl until like 3 days ago! but he is a boy after all.
This is all the boys sitting on a branch trying to get away wile I try to take there picture. My mom sayd this pictre was "artistic" though so I put it on anywhay.
Somthing thats cindof funny is that even though we thought some of them were girls when they wer not we all terned out geting the one most like us and I got the only girl and they boys all got boys! it's like our family 3 boys 1 girl. I love our kittys!

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