Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Reading Day is comeing up!

Hello people!
I have not writen on here for like 2 months. Thats a pretty long time. Sorry about that.

Reading day at school is comeing up!!! It is this comeing Friday. Reading day is a day when everyone dresses up as their favorite book charecter. I guess sence it's a christion school they can't do halloween and reformation day at shcool would be weird, so it's an excuse to dress up as something.

As far as I know this is how reading day (Friday) will go: We will all come dressed up in our costumes and then we get to skip Geography, laguage, math and P.E. for the parade and chapel. The parade, I guess, will be everyone on there whay to the pevilion for chapel, but they will walk all the whay down the hall so everyone will get to see everyone's costumes. We will have chapel with the litle kids, by that I mean usualy we have chapel with 7th and up grades on Thursdays, but this week we will go to our normal chapel on Thursday and then also go to the 5th grade and down chapel on Friday just to participate in the Reading day activitys. Other than what I've already said I have no idea what we will do on Friday.

I have been trying to figure out what to dress up as, or who to dress up as I guess. I really wanted to be Kale from Dragon Spell. (Dragon Spell is a book BTW) I have never read the hole book but I have read the bigining and I know alot about a few of the charaters. Kale is the mane charicter in Dragon Spell. She was a slave at River Away but one day found a dragon egg, they sent her to "The Hall" (it's like an important building or something) and she becomes a servent of Paladan. (Paladan is like Jesus in this storry and Wolder is like God and Pretender is like saten, I think) anywhay Kale is 14 I think and she is really cool! :D So I wanted to dress up as her but I was not sure quite how to. She whears a skert and a blouce and they are brown bage or white and she has a cape wich helps her blend in with stuff.

Will wants to dress up as Bardon, he is also a charictor from Dragon Spell and the books that come after Dragon Spell (Dragon Quest, Dragon Night, Dragon Fire). Jim is going as Greg Hefly, the mane charictor in Diary of a Wimpy Kid (Greg Hefly is AKA "the wimpy kid" in Diary of a Wimpy Kid). Stephen is going as a "Happy Holistor" wich means one of the kids in the Happy Holister books (haha).

Reading day should be lots of fun. I'm looking forwor to it! :D


  1. people should coment on my posts... at least then I know people have read it. Just saying. Hint Hint...

  2. Hey Liz! Here's a comment! LOL!
    Yup, that character would be awesome 4 u! We'll need pictures! Hint, hint! =D Miss u TONS!