Thursday, September 30, 2010


Today I went to school and was almost late, I had to run. onece I got there we went to chapel. I was really happy all day because it was cold and dark out today and it made it seem like Fall time and I really miss fall time. I finished most of my home work in studdy serve so I did not have much of it to do at home. After school I stayed after for choir and it was really frustrating because my voice was all siky because I had just had chips that I bot from the Tuck Shop and I had no water all day yet, but it was fun anywhay, as always. I waited with Jesica for her mom to come. Then she left and I said bye to Lydia and went home. I worked on my costume for tomarow (friday, reading day) and I finished my cape but I still needed boots. Lydia came down to our hose to do home work because I guess Nate was being to distacting by playing his gutar at school. I did math with her and then Janelle came by. We where all talking about reading day and past reading days and what people had dressed up as before. Lydia left and then I went with janelle up to her house to see her costume. She is being dorthy from the Wizard of OZ. I had to walk back down in the dark but it was ok. I ate supper and then wanted to curl my hair for tomarow. My hair is already some curly but I wanted to make it more curly. It was not really working so I only did some of it, and I have whay to much hair to do all of it anywhay. It did not end up doing much and I burned the side of my face with the curling irn.

I feel really acomplished. I worked I played I had been planing ahed and preparing all week for tomarow and now I feel pretty ready for tomarow. I think it will be good.

For people who live in the states and don't really know what reading day is like, I want to take some pictures tomarow so I can show you. This will be my first time too so I don't even know quite how it will go. IT WILL BE FUN THUOGH! I'll try to blog about it later this week end.


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  1. Hope you have tons of fun girly! Miss you SO MUCH!