Sunday, October 3, 2010

reading day

On reading day I got up at 5:00 AM to get everything ready. I put on my costume and got everything in my back pack, I did my hair and then Will and me left for school at like 6:30 or something. I went as Kale from Dragon Spell (my costume was pretty lame but that's how the book described her.) Will went as Bardon, he is also in Dragon Spell and Dragon Quest and Dragon Night the books that come after it. Bardon is a night. Jim went as Greg Heffly in Diary of a Wimpy Kid, he just had a white t-shert and black shorts like the stick drawings of him in the book. My mom was Dr. Dolittle.

Will rode his scooter to school like he always dose. I think in this picture he is eating french toast. On our whay to school I usualy take my pancack or french toast with me and eat it on the whay.
Once we got there will and me just kinda wated around because no one was there wet exsept Amy.

This is me Janelle and Jesica. Janelle was Alice, like Alice in Wonderland, and Jesica was that one american girl, like the american girl dals.

So the picturs I took did not give a very good idea of reading day and what it's like. I left the camera in the class room when we went out to the parade and chaple, so I only have pictures from reses and befor school. Basicly we just steped out side our class room and watched all the littler grades walk by and we could see their costumes, then we walked by the 7th and up grades and went to chaple where they just gave the awords for each grade for the best costumes. It was pretty boring. I was glad that we did not have to do much for P.E. thuogh. I don't like having P.E. 3 times a week. That was pretty much it. There was not much to it.

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  1. Awwwwwww you all look so cute! And...old. You've grown up on me! LOL! Hope you had a fun, even though it was a little boring!!! =) Miss u!