Sunday, November 7, 2010


(This is a thing I had to write for school.)

One of the fastest growing plants on earth is bamboo. There are many diferent speceis of bamboo. Some can be as short as 30 cm others can grow up to 10 times that size. Some speicise cn reach over 100 feet high. Bamboo has been measured to grow 39 in. (100 cm) in 24 hours. For short piriods of time it can reach maximal growth rate exeeding one meter per hour. Bamboo, unlike trees, can grow to full hight in one growing season of 3-4 months. Bamboo reproduces as quickly as it grows so it can quikly take over. Some bamboo tends to be very invasive and hard to get rid of.

Bamboo is a type of grass that has a hard, hollow, woody stem. It is commenly grown in Asia (but it is grown other places too). Bamboo can be grwn in many diferent climets, but it is comenly found in tropical and subtropical areas.

Bamboo is considerd one of the best renewable resourses because it is an extreemly hard substance and can grow in dence conditions. For this reson bamboo is used as a construction material. Bamboo can also be used for flooring, furniture, in handbags and nearly anything else that is comenly made of wood. It can also be used as a food source. It has a sweet flavor and crisp texture. Some bamboo can be eaten raw other varietys must be cooked to get rid of some toxic elements. Gient Pandas subsist almost comepleatly on bamboo. Other animals that eat bamboo are: the Red Pandas of Napal, Chimps, elefants, and Mountain Gorillas of Africa, and some rats will eat the bamboo plant's fruit.

Some bamboo flowers very year, but most kinds of bamboo will only flower at intervals as long as 60 to 120 years. So seeds and fruit are almost never avalible.

Bamboo is very usefull and grows extreemly fast, and clearly is another amazing part of God's creation.

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