Monday, November 8, 2010


Time. It stinks. It races by and before you know it it's a hole new year, before you know it it's a hole new season you thought would be ages away but here it is. Before you know it you a year older, and the years you've lived before now, are gone, and you can never be that age again. And before you know it you've forgotten the way things used to be, and don't remember much but the present, but no matter how raped up you get in the present, time moves on and before you know it that "present" in now "past." The longer you think about it the more you realize how short of a time you have to be the age you are, how short a hole life time that you used to think would go on practically forever, how short it really is. Though you will live for a long time more, and it's not like everyone will die today, every moment of your time, every moment of time is time that you'll never get back, and the way you've chosen to spend it is something you can never change, but what you can change is how you'll use what time is to come, how you'll spend that spare time that seems like it dose not matter. Spending time doing things that don't matter, or things that will only bring sadness is in the long run a wast of time, and a wast of words, and a wast of energy that could be used for better things that would build each other up or bring glory to God, things that are ultimately better and more likely to bring joy to peoples lives.

Time is something I wish I had more of. It's something that is often wasted, but if you sit down and realize what time is, you'll know you can't change it, and so you have to spend your time wisely, because no matter what anyone dose there is only one 2010 and 2011 and 2012 and ever moment of each of them only comes once, and every word you say and every thing you do, and everything that has happened, has happened, or will happen, and there you go, once it's said or done, it's said or done, and no matter how hard you think I doubt you'll create a time machine to go back and change it. Time is something I don't think anyone can totally and completely understand, but weather we understand it fully or not dose not change the fact that God has given us a choice and has shown lots of grace, because no one can honestly say they've spent no time gossiping or doing something bad. God has given us a pretty good deal, because all we have to do is accept His free gift, but, we've got to take time to do that.

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  1. WOW Liz! That was awesome! And so, so, totally true! He has given us time, and we need to spend it praising him, and thanking him. What a gift!