Friday, December 24, 2010

A brid!! nevermind... (a poem by me)

If I where anything, I'd be a bird.
I'd fly around, to see the world
I'd meat new people, and make new friends
and see everything, to it's farthest ends
at the end of my journy, and trouble and all
there'd be at least someone, taht I could call
there'd be one friend, if not many more
to be there for me, through life's rain pours
if I ever was down, and needed a friend
there'd be many places, to go in the end
some friends wouldn't care, and would walk away
but for sure there'd be one, that surely woul'd stay
and help me they would, and love me I'd think
but wait! why a bird? let me re-think...
nevermide, forget that, I'd be nothing neet
because already I have, famaly you see!
God gave me a mom, and He gave me a dad
and a brother times 3 who, good times with I've had
and I've already got friends, and some good ones of course
and I do stuff with them, and have fun some more
and hey there's always Jesus, He's the best friend of all
He gives you whats best, and picks you up when you fall
He loves all of us, and gives a great gifts
and was to us the greatest gift, for Christmas

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