Monday, December 27, 2010

christmasy pictures

Here are some pictures of christmas and stuff. It's not much... but to bad! becaues just these took me like sence 10:00 PM till now wich is 1:46 AM to load!. thats... thats about 4 hours. If you would like to see more, like of when we opend presents and stuff like that, Email me or my dad and I can send you an email that I put together. It's much faster to load pictures on email than on a blog. 4 hours... wow. I didn't realize I had been on that long.
Those are our stokings! Grandma sent them for us. they are very nice. we filed them with stuff and it was really fun. we got fuzzy light up ball things, chicans that walk around and lay bubble gum eggs, lego pens, candy, soks.... I forget what else. tons of junk. it was fun.
This is the bottom of our Christmas tree. we had lots of presents. this is maybe the most presents I've ever gotten or remember getting. Some our grandparents sent and some from aunts and unkles, but alot of them me and my brothers bought for eachother or for our parents and some are from our parents too. I got a phone from my parents! It's very cool.

I don't know why I put this picture on here... I kind of regret it considering how long it took to load it onto the post. but I kinda like it. that is like the only pine tree in out yard and I cant think of another place there is one. and behind it you can kind of see how green and non-wintery it looks. I'm pretty sure I took this pictures the day before Christmas.

On the walk whay they put these up. pretty cool. They fall over alot, but they are kinda nice becuase they make it feel chritmasy. I'm not sure why I put this picture on either...
But seriusly if you want me to email you some more stuff it's like whay better than this lame thing. i think. so email me (if you have my email) or my dad becuase if your reading my blog you most likly have his, and I can send you it. If I didn't already.
Thanks! and GOODNIGHT! It is now 1:59 AM and I have a friend comeing over at 7:30 tomarow morning. or rather later this morning... ugg the lame slow internet. If it only was faster I would not be sitting alone in the dark living room right now. I'll write something more some time. bye.

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  1. Awesome! Thanks for putting up pictures, sorry it took so long though! Well, you have my email address, and I would absolutely love to see more pics, so send me the email if you have time!

    Love and miss you lots!
    Merry {late} Christmas!