Friday, December 24, 2010

Christmasy thoughts

sigh... :) isnt chrismas the best!? (shuts eyes) ...think...think...think... It FEELS like Chrismas! I'm so glad it dose. This is my first Christmas in Malawi and I was thinking it would be a rotton one because it would be so diferent form what I'm used to and then it would just not be verry good. and it is diferent... here I am sitting in my room with the lap top and I have two fans blowing on me. last time I looked it was like 87 degrees Farenhight. out my window is the greenest grass you ever saw... but still it feels like Christmas to me. out in the living room is our "Mr. Christmas Tree" thats like... i donk know, but kinda old at least for a Christmas tree. not that my dad is old cuz its like as old as him. but anywhay, it's shorter than I remember it. haha I grew. and there are presents under it! :D we went Chrismas shoping and it was like, AWESOME! and we've got stokings up!!! (Thanks so verry much to Grandma and Grandpa Trumble for sending them as well as the other stuff!) and thanks to my almost shokingly monny-genorus perents (thanks again Dad) we bought stuff to fill them with and are verry eager to open them tomarow!!!

I saw pictures on my cousin Kimberly's blog of one of the coolest things in the whole univers: SNOW! or was it ice? or as she said the new's people where caling it "freezing fog." anywhay, it looked really cool! I really miss the colorado weather and like air... it's humid here alot and it bugs me. when ever I see pictures of me when I was in Colorado the first thing I realize is how diferent my hair looks. I think it was darker because the sun here made it lighter and it didn't look as curly because it wasnt humid like it is here. it's kinda weird.

Last night when I was walking back from the Chinchens Chrismas party I closed my eyes and spun around and it felt like snowing, and Chrismas awesomeness, and cookies, and candles and good stuff like that. it was fun. It was all dark, and sometimes the dark is inspireing becuse I cant see anything so I'm forsed to creat the parts of the world I cant see, and my mind is more cowoporitive with how the rest of my sences work. and it's easyer to think abstractly. it's really fun. I think sortof abstracly when I write poems and stuff like that, thats really fun too. anywhay yeah it felt like chrismas and it was awesome and I was disapointed when I walked inside because that all went away.

I feel sick... I think I'm getting what Will had. My throte hurts and I just feel like.. "blaaa" you know what I mean. what a better time to get sick than Chrismas eve huh? Sence I don't feel the best I'm spending today, or at least some of it, reading blogs and bloging myself. I did have pictures... sniff sniff... they where sorta cool pictures too. but the internet is "as slow as malassis" my dad said, so the picture thing is not really gunna work. sorry about that cuz I know I always like seeing pictures, exsept in books! don't give me taht, it ruens the whole point of descibing things for the reader. but anywhay, yeah so i just thought I'd write some stuff instead of showing you pictures of the tree, and stokings, and greenes of the outside, I'd just write some stuff.

Writeing is pretty awesome. it's a good whay to organize stuff and keep records and storys and things. I am reading The Phantom Tollbooth by Noton Juster and it has these plases called Dictionopolis and Digetopolis in it, one for words, one for numbers, and they dont really like each other because both think they are better than the other because one is more important than the other. I don't really know if either is more importand. Words are pretty awesome because you can speek and write and from that there is comunication and also intertainment and learning, but numbers.... I mean, if you wanted to say "I would like 1 apple" numbers would come in pretty handy, but first you have got to have words to say the rest of it. and in my whay of thinking, math is not really that great. sorry to all the acountants in the world. so I guess... i don't know. but that dosnt really matter because the main thing is the return and rescue of Rhyme and Reason. ok you must be confused. read the book some time it's not to bad. exsept that it has pictures in it....

so back to real reality: AHHH!!! CHRISTMAS IS AWESOME! .............WOW! ok. stoping. thinking. remembering. and yes. now I have remeberd the real reson of Christmas and am really actualy back to real reality. exsept I must ask one thing. Why is Christmas the more importand holiday? Sure Jesus was sent to earth, and was born, in a stable, wich is like ahh! and all that stuff but I mean, isnt Easter when he died and rose again and gave us a whay to heaven and took away our sin and piled it on himself and paied the price so we wouldnt have to and did it all out of love and even through our ( as the people of earth that where the ones who killed him) though people hateing him and hurting him through all our stupid whays and lamenes he still loved us and still died for us so that we could spend eterety with him... i mean, thats pretty awsome. that is something to be like REALLY thankfule for and like REALLY selabrate or... well I guess selabrating something like that is kinda awcword cuz your like selabrating something of pain and sadness, but it is also something of joy and healing too... so I don't know, but to me Easter is a bigger thing that people should make more of a fuss over because people make a big fuss over Chrismas and a perfect baby makeing the sacrefice of comeing to a sinfull earth but for the biger sacrefice of dieng for us, people just go to curch then go back home and eat chocolate bunnys and thats about it. so anywhay something to think about while selabrating Chrismas this year.

hope you enjoyed my some what random pictureless post.

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