Friday, December 24, 2010

I'd Be...

I'd be a tree. Tall, green, still, but happy. With no voice. No song. and for some, nothing to share. but for others I'd stand there and sing. I'd sing my song that only some can here. only some can answer. only some understand. I'd wait for those people that woundn't dislike me or say my ideas are rong. I'd stand for those people and for others as well. For all, I'd still be there, but some wouldn't know. I'd be just another peice of what they've always known. I'd be part of the earth, still what God made me... but I couldn't be a tree. for without a soul there'd be no one to save me. or rather nothing to save. and without ears I couldn't here of the good new of Christmas, or the folowing horor and gladness of Easter. I wouldn't know of a saveing grace, and I'd never see my savior's face. I'd live and I'd serv the perpos he gave me, but I'd die never knowing that He'd ever made me. and for that reson I'll stay myself, and hope not to be a tree or anything else.

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