Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year!

Happy New January!
Last night was so FUN! I don't know why because we didn't do much. We bought a TON of fire works and stuff to blow up, and then we went up to The Huts by Janelle's house. The boys started lighting some fire works. They where really loud. We went in and ate some food and then Will and Steve went down to the soccer field with Shea to do more fire works. Me, Janelle, and Kimmy went down too. We didn't really light any of the fire works because... I'm not really sure. I didn't really want to anyway. We did some of those things where you throw the ball things at the ground and the pop. After we got board of that, we just sat on the road and watched the fire works from there and talked and stuff. We called all my friends (that weren't already there) and said happy new year. but I think some of them didn't know it was us because I didn't say...
Me, Janelle, Jim, and Ryan swung on the swings for a while and then we realized that no one was up on the soccer field anymore so we where going to go back up to The Huts, but I realized my phone wasn't in my pocket! It was really dark so I couldn't see where is was or anything, so we went up to Janelle's house and she got her phone so that she could call mine. We found it and then decided to go swimming. We went up there but for a long time Janelle was the only one that got in. After we all got in we got all creeped out because the water was really dark and everything else was dark and we kept on thinking we saw people walking around. (I've been watching to much NCIS) so we went up to Janelle's and pretty much every one was gon and we where all wet, so me, Jim and Ryan where going to go down to our houses and get out of our swim stuff and then go back up and get Janelle and go to the play ground. On our way down we herd a bunch of fire works and that's the only way I knew it was then 2011, because non of us had the time. it was really fun walking down because we could here and see a lot of the fire works and we were thinking about all the stuff that happened in 2010, most of it we all did together. That was fun. Once we got back and changed Janelle called and she had to go to bed, so me, Jim, and Ryan walked up to the school and then back down just for the sake of it. by then it was like 1:30 AM and when I got home I just passed out on my bed because I was really tired.

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