Thursday, January 6, 2011

Misc. Random, Unrealated Stuff

Hello! I felt like just, writing, so this post is really not that great. dont even read it if you have something better to do, but feel free to read it too if you really want to. its just a bunch of stuff that dosnt matter for anything.

  • I wish I could go to America this summer and stay with family or friends for a couple weeks then come back. that would be really cool. I love traveling!
  • I like ice cream and I wish we had a toaster.
  • If I was a pingwan and I lived in South Africa, that would have to mean that I was not a lion sitting in a purple tree in the middle of cheese vally. (sorry, I just felt like saying that)
  • something pretty awesome is that darkness is the Absence of light. that has multiple meanings for me, and it's really mind boggling to figure them all out. it's fun.
  • it would be really weird if the walls in my room were this light, purple-blue color. OH WAIT! it is that color... meh.
  • I like taking pictures of things, but my brothers are not photogenic so I take pictures of random things like candle sticks! :D
  • some day I want to: be a photographer, sell stationary like I used to (because that was so much fun), go hunting at least once, get my hunting lisons before I turn 18, go on an adventure, cut my own hair (only once, just so I could say I did it), make a CD with my friends no matter how awful it turns out, laph with someone until we fall on the floor, make a T-Shirt, visit all my friends where ever they are.... ok I'll stop there.
  • places I want to go some time: Colorado Springs, Osky Iowa, Florida, California, Texas, Canada, Zimbabwe, South Africa, Kenya, Australia, Newzeland, China, Karia, Alaska... That's about it.
  • If I was a unicorn and I was invisible, but I was purple, and had rainbows circling around me, that would be really weird.... so never mind.
  • I wish I had a friend who knew how to play the guitar.
  • I want to make one of those things with like lots of instruments, like a symphony or what ever it is, because I can create it in my mind but I don't know how to make it for every one else to hear it. it would have 102 instruments and be 12 minutes long.
  • my cousin is a talented graphics designer
  • I really want a facebook, but I'm starting to wonder if I really want one... I'm guna get one anywhay, but weather I'll really use it or not... i don't know.
  • I like my hair better up, and I liked my bangs. I want to get it braded before school starts.
  • I want to learn how to play the guitar
  • if I had a band, the name of it would have the word purple in it somewhere.
  • I set my alarm for 6:50 this morning, and it is not a very loud alarm so I didn't wake up when it went off. so anywhay, I had this dream that we where playing a board game with a train on it that beeped over and over. the object of the game was to hit the train and stop the beeping, but in the dream no matter how many times we hit the train, the beeping kept on going. It got really anoying. When I woke up I realized that the beeping in my dream was the alarm that I was not waking up to, I was just dreaming about it.

so.... yeah sorry, thats a pretty lame post. It was more for my enjoyment of writing stuff, than for yours, because I dont think you enjoyed it very much if you read it. but it was fun to write it all! haha! have a good day! --Elizabeth

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