Thursday, February 3, 2011

A Spoon Full of Suger....

I am home sick today. I just have a cold or something. I've been on and off sick for like two weeks. It's not very fun. I wish I didn't have to miss school. I don't really want to go to school either, but missing home work and stuff is awful because then you have to make it up.

I went to the clinic and got this medicine stuff. It's liquid medicine though, and I do NOT do very good with liquid medicine. I was going to get the OK tasting kind, but they didn't have it so I had to get the bad tasting kind. It really dose not taste good. Dr. Young suggested I mix it with condensed milk to make it taste better so I did. It was like two teaspoons of medicine and like half a cup of condensed milk, and after a while I added some regular milk too. Even with all that I can still kinda taste it and it's not very good. I'm not even done eating it all yet. If it is eating...

I hope I feel better tomorrow because I have a science presentation due tomorrow. blaaaa.... But at least tomorrow is Friday. Finally.

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  1. Liz! I'm so sorry you're sick, that always stinks!!

    LOL, it's funny you would talk about liquid medicine, because just the other day I was saying how much I hate that stuff. haha! Pills are so much easier!! But as long as it helps you get better, then it has to be good in a sense!! :)

    Love you tons! Get better, ok? Hope the science things goes well, too!