Monday, February 14, 2011

Valentine's Day

My Valentine's Day went like this:
First I woke up well, I was woken up. I had this really good dream about something, I forgot what it was because I didn't get to finish it but I was like in my own little land having the time of my life, planing to sleep in until at least 10, when Steve comes in my room with Lydia who wakes me up to put in NCIS for her. I don't know why Steve couldn't have but I guess he had a reason. After being bummed about getting waken up I got up did my hair and all that and then went out to put on NCIS. I didn't really want to watch it that much so I went to see if Jim was awake. He wasn't, of coarse. Will, Steve, and JohnMark came back from where ever they had gone and started eating some food so I ate some breakfast too and then just sat around for a while. Ryan and Timmy came from Ryan's house to wake up Jim and they were all just talking in Jim's room. I asked Will if he wanted to go swimming and he did so I got my swim suit on and just waited for him and Steve. I guess the news got to everyone that we were going swimming probably because of Will yelling it. So we all went up there and swam for a while. I was mostly going to like clean off my knees and hand again from falling on the roller blades on Saturday.
after that I just hung around with Will and Steve for a while. Played some DS with Steve, had to put up with all those annoying people.... then Ryan and Timmy went to play their instruments in the chapel. I could hear it all the way from our house, it didn't sound so good. It sounded like someone was just bagging away at the drums. It sounded more like actual... music I guess once you got closer but it was really loud and Timmy's drumming pretty much droned out Ryan's guitar. But just so I don't sound mean, good job guys.
yeah.... That's about it. fun huh..... yeah, didn't do much.

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