Sunday, March 27, 2011

Stuff I Want

Hey. Sorry I havent posted in a really long time. I have been busy with school and stuff. [13 things this 13 year old wants]

This is just for like family back home and stuff like that. It's for people who want to send me stuff ever, this is some ideas for things they can send me.

as far as school stuff gose... for next year This is some stuff that would be very very handy!

ok. Paper! Like loose paper with 3 holes. just for notes and math home work an suff, cuz I dont like taring it out of nice note books :( I've used up a bunch of note books cuz I didnt have plane paper.

Book covers. thats not very good picture. I got it off the internet. but like those fabric strechy ones. Cuz we have to cover all our books at school. I dont really need that, it would just be nice you know? it's not like paper where I will kinda need it.

Macanical pencils! and led.

I really like makanical pencils cuz I just like cant write stuff with a normal pencil in school. I can not stand it getting dull and sharpening it takes to long. that makes me sound really specific and stuff.... I really like makanical pencils anyway. I even draw with them most the time. I have 3 but they are running out of led. so yeah i want makaical pencils and led because they are really nice!

I also want note books.

they are good for paper that I dont want getting lost. plain paper not in something I mostly use for like spelling test and math home work and notes cuz I eventualt get rid of them anywhay. so like a notbook that is binded and has pages in it that you CAN take out if u need to.

(stuff I didnt have pictures for are down there)

I also want a glue stik or some for me and my bros. Colored pencils i dont really NEED them but I dont have alot and I dont have all the coors. thats not something I really really really want tho cuz I COULD get it here. also Waterbottles likeactual ones are something me and my brothers all kinda want. I guess thats good for school stuff. but hey if u want to send me something else it's not like I dont want you to :) hehe. I'm sorta joking. dont feel like you have to send me anything at all! This is just for like if people are asking i can point them here.


I want clothes but that is kinda hard to get for someone else some times. I can buy some stuff here but it is really expensive, never fits me, and I dont have very much money.. haha. I really like T-shirts by the way, of all colors like: Green, blue, purple, black, gray, yellow, red, orange, pink, and even... well not brown not really. I dont have many shirts or pants. I have no pants actualy, only shorts and skirts but I can really only were the shorts for normal days and I have like 4 pairs 2 of wich I cut from old pant that sorta fit me but were to short of ancles. 1 is all riped up and dont really like it and one I got resently but i get the feeling it is to short for some times. yeah... I like really need new clothes. I miss thrift stors. no siriusly! because I dont care if something is used, and at thrift stors you can find way better stuff some times that you wouldnt be able to find some were else and and and.. ITS CHEEPER! good for people like me who have no money, and people lik my mom who dont want to spend tons of money on my cothes. win win. very good. the thing that realy stinks for me is people dont know my size and everything and especialy with pants it might not fit me right. :( very sad face. I will save my money.

also! haha dont wory there is more! now dont I jst sound greedy? Yes. Yes. the answer is yes, I do sound very greedy. so sorry... i guess i am... but yeah... this is all stuff I either dont have, dont have much of or wont have by next year. it's just normal life stuff that like all my friends have !!! :( and I feel poor. anywhay, I would also like earings because I really dont have many earings and I have lost or broken like half of the 10-12 or something pairs (I think)that I had before. thats again not something I really need just something that would be nice to have senceI dont have many.

Then... sorry. there is still more. I would also like, what ever you call it, like cosmetics and hair stuff. as in: boddy wash, boddy lotion, face lotion, boddy mist, make up stuff, and stuff like those. also shmpoo and conditioner, because my head is like alerjic to the kind here. at least the kind that dosnt cost a million dollors. and hair stuff also as in hair ties (sory dont know how to spell some stuff here... )I mean like hair bands, head bands, clips, stuff like that.

ok thats it pretty much. thats the stuff I want. sorry to sound all greedy like that. tahts just ideas in expanded for people who want to send me stuff. that whay I dont really have to try to explain it all a bunch of times. and then I wont forget what I wanted and remember later and be like "darn". o nd sory about the spelling errors. the spell check wasnt working and I dont really have time anywhay today cuz I have A TON of home work that um.. I should be doing. and plus the key board is a little messed up as well. ok well thats it talk to you later. I'l try to post something some time but school and other things take up alot of my time so, sorry.

thanks for reading this! later.

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