Sunday, April 10, 2011

How am I doing?

Hey, to everyone! Sorry I dont ever really write on this. I never really know what to say, and I'm always kind of busy with school, and when I'm not I usualy go on facebook not my blog. It is alot easyer to uploaad pitures to facebook so if you wnat to see pictures that I've put up that would be the place. If you didnt know, my cat had kittens a while back, and now they are so cute!!! they are really fun to play with and they wattle around everywhere, it is so funny. Steve also gave them this little stuffed duck that is suposed to be like a bath toy. They really like it. they play with it and jump on it, it is so cute. Other than that, school has been going well. I got ok grades for the 3rd quarter, so I'm pretty happy. We only have one more week until easter break which is really like spring break I guess. It is 2 weeks long. On the first 2 or 3 days of easter break me and jim and friends from youth group are going on a camp to the lake. I dont know if it will actualy be fun or not, but it is off campus and something to do, so I may as well go. After we come back I guess we just have to hang out on campus for that whole week and then selabrate easter and all that. Next, after easter, out family is going... to some... place. I dont really know where it is or what it is. We are going there for 4 days and we'll just play games and watch movies on lap tops and read books and good stuff like that I guess. After we get back from that, place, we have a cuple days until school starts up again, and when school starts up again we have only 6 weeks of it. 6 weeks, and then SUMMER! I may sound exsited... but I really am not that exsited for summer break. Summer, last year, went like this. WE got out of school. "yay, yay" everyone is happy. [I wasnt that happy, but I dont know] Then 1rst or 2end day of summer break, go on an Nkhoma Mountain Hike!! :D that is fun! Then I sit at home... We go to Zomba [this boring mountain cotage thingy] we go to the lake once or twise... sit at home... watch TV, Play the same old games ever day like capture the flag. Go swimming, stay up late. That is about it. This summer will be better I guess because I have more friends this year, even though alot of them are going away. There is always Will and Steve, but they will probubly be with thier friends all the time. Jim wont even be here for all of the summer because he is going to America... But thats ohkay.... I guess. But yeah, I'll try to find lots of fun things to do out side and good vegitibles and fruits and healthy stuff like that to eat. Stuff is so much funner when you have a ton of energy and you can run far distances without getting that tired and stuff like that, it is so fun. like just running accross a feild, that is fun some times, until you fall in a hole :/ that was not fun. haha! Well ok. Sorry about my poor writeing skills. I dont know what happened. I sound like Will, but, "I'm done." That's all I've got to say right now. Sorry, it was just random things and rambling on and on. Thats waht I do. :P Thanks for reading my blog. Talk to you soon.

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