Friday, May 20, 2011


Sorry to anyonw who beleives this whole thing, but honestly I find this whole "world ending on the 21st" thing, I find it really stupid. The dude's resons for why he thinks it is tomarow are really lame and inacurate acording to the Bible I think.

If Jesus takes us away, great. It actualy sounds like it would be creepy, but dude, you'd be on your way to be with Jesus so how bad can it be!? And if He dosn't tomarow, or even if He never comes when I am alive then what ever! Either way I know I'm ending up in the same place, so I really don't care.

I don't think the world is going to end tomarow 1. becasue the Bible says that no one will know the day or the hour, or somethin like that, when Jesus will come back, so odviusly, if people think it is tomarow than it most likely wont be. no I don't know haha. and 2. I don't feel like I have fofiled much of like a "plan" here on earth yet, so I kinda think God will have me stick wround until I've done whatever He is wanting me to do ultimitly. May be I have done what ever it is He has planed for me, I don't know.

This whole "End of the world" thing has got me thinking though. The Bible sayes somewhere (sorry I don't remember the refrances) that we should ALWAYS be ready for Jesus to come. We should always be right with God and always be doing things to glorify Him. Some people were praying today "just incase" because I guess they didn't want God to forget them or something. Yeah, don't ask me. How I think of it, if you are a Christian, you are a Christian. That means God will not forget you and He will forgive your sins, right? YES! So you really don't have to do a "special pryer" before the end of the world because it's not gunna get you into heaven, Jesus is, or, isn't.

This whole thing creeps me out though. Why can't people just be less stupid and not think up these things!? There was this thing on Yahoo that was like "Preparing for Zombi Outbreaks." Yeah, um... oohhkkaayy... Sometimes I wish I lived back in the day when there wasnt as much tecnoledgy and stuff, because it freeks me out some times how advanced everything is. I guess that is kinda dumb but...

You know, I'm not even going to do anything tomarow. I'm not gunna be like "hey, haha, yeah, the end of the world was suposed to be today, ahahaha!" yeah I'm not going to do that. We can laph at this when we are 30. I'm going to pretend like I don't care, (because I don't really) and I'm going to just let it go. BUt I am going to try to change some things. Even though I know the world is probubly not going to end tomarow, I want to be ready for Jesus all the time. I wan't to know my Bible better, I wan't to prey more. I've learned time and time again that I can't do anything without His help. In fact evry time I slowly forget over weeks and days then I start trying to do things on my own they end up horibly and only then do I realize that, "DRR YOU MORON! GOD IS RIGHT THERE WAVING IN YOUR FACE 'LIKE "HELLO, I'M HERE. JUST WAITING FOR YOU. ANY DAY NOW."' I tell myself that some times. OK not really, but I have thoughts that are kind of along those lines. Anywhay, I wna't to be closer to God. It isn't because of the end of the world and I'm worryed I'm not gunna make it into heaven, it's because I want to.

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