Monday, May 16, 2011


This is kinda late.

We got the care pacage like a week ago. It was so exsiting! I was not actualy there when the truck came. I was in school.

After school I walked down and didn't see anything at the gym so I thought it hadn't come and I was sad. I started walking down to my house and saw my dad driving up so I went with him. Jim, Will, and Steve were also going up. We couldn't get in the gym , and we wern't going to open our boxes until 4 when my mom was home so I just went home and waited. and waited. and waited.

My mom took forever! Well, time took forever.

After my mom got home my dad had togo to a meating. I was so exsited and couldn't wait!!! My dad FINALY came home (it actualy didn't take that long.) Then we prayed and opened box #1. We opened the boxes one by one.

We all got to take stuff out. I got kind of over welmed becasuse there were so many things, and everyone was crouding around pulling stuf out really fast! It was so weird.

WE got cool stuff. We got food, lots of food. I got hair stuff, bath stuff, ear rings, cloths, purses... lots of cool stuff.

My brothers also got some cloths but not as many.

We mostly got food.

We got alot of cheerios, some lucky charms and reeses puffs, other cerials, checks mix, licqueric, canned soup, m&m's, cheese puffs, canned tuna, nesquik, and some other goos stuff.

It was exsiting! It was so awesome! I liked the stuff I got the most.

This is somethign that I really like to have. I love chokolot milk. Sometimes our milk is really discusing and all watery and grose... then I don't like it. but you know what I mean. Chokolot milk is good.


We got some Fun-Dip stuff. Will and I were eating tha today. The blue ones turn your toung green. ha!

One of my most favorite, I mean, my favorite, the favoritist thing, ok wait. The thing I liked the most that I got was the letters my friends sent me! I got an aweosme, really long letter from Kimbery, 2 from Analise and a nice one from Sophia.

I am sending responses to you guys when JIm and my dad go back to America in a few weeks.

I am not sure who sent me this. Someone sent me an iPod nano! They also sent me 2 Superchic[k] CDs that I LOVED for the first 3 days, but now I have herd them so many times. I'll start listening to them again in a week or two I think.

I really like my iPod, but I accedently did something to it and erased all the iPod stuff. I have to like program it or something. I am going to ask someone to fix it sometime if I can.

I also got a ton of hair clips. They are really nice, but not all of them fit in m thick hair =P

I got alot of hair ties as well. I was so glad, because I was running out of them.

Some one also sent me shampoo and conditioner that are really nice! I use them... well every day pretty much haha.

These are just a few of the things we got. It is really nice to have all these things, I just wish the people who sent them could have come too.

Thank you so much everyone for sending us stuff! I enjo yall the things we got very much, and I'm sure I'll be able to enjoy everything for quite a while longer!

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