Friday, May 13, 2011


Ok, people who read Elizabeth's blog, she's been hacked! By her cousin! :)

If you noticed something different on her blog, that's because she gave me her password...yep, dangerous! But oh my lands, it was so fun designing it!

Anyway, you might be wondering why I'm writing on her blog. The answer is...I just felt like it! Yes, I know it's a lame answer. Here's another one...I love her, and I wanted to say so. So there! :)


Thank you for always being there for me. And listening to me when I need to vent. I miss you more then words will ever be able to express.

Thank goodness for Facebook! What would we do without it? I love going on there, and talking to you. Getting to figure out what's going on in your life, all the way across the world! It's pretty impressive, I mean just think of what the Pioneers had to go Internet, and sometimes, their letter's wouldn't even get to who they sent them to! Now, we can just click on a name and BAM, we're talking to the other matter how far away they are! That blows me away!

And you know what else? Sometime, we'll HAVE to visit each other. I might die or at the very least pass out from notseeingelizabethsyndrome. (What's that you say? It doesn't sound like a real disease? Well, look it up! You won't find anything, but it sure would be funny if you actually did look it up! ha!)

There are so many days were I think about all the times we spent together. Remember when you came to visit us in Hawaii? Or when we first moved here, and we just really didn't get along? Or the time when we wrote our names on your wall in your old house with sharpie? Ha! This just proves my theory- we're insane. But who says that's a bad thing?
You're gorgeous, and talented, and special, and don't let anyone ever tell you that you that you're not. Because we both know that I could track that person down...and it would get ugly. :)

Do you know how much I miss you? A TON. And I love remembering all of the funny things we've done together.

And I just want to tell you that even though we live so far apart, it doesn't change anything. You're still my silly cousin who I love, and I'm still your crazy, semi-odd, Internet addicted, chocolate loving, cousin have to deal with. :)

Anyway, what I guess my point is, is that even though sometimes, you might feel confused, or lonely, or just...tired of being stressed. I'm here, and even more then that, God's there for you. He loves ya, Liz, and He's always watching over you. And, he knows everything that has happened and will happen in your life. Before you were born he knew everything about you, and your life. I just want you to know that. No matter who lets you down in life, no matter what you're freaking out about, there's really no need, because he. knows. everything.

Love ya!

Ok, people, I'm done. You can stop crying now. :) Just kidding, of course! Ok, thanks for reading all that, I know it was pretty...well, crazy.

Have a great day...

~Kimberly (You can see my blog HERE.)

P.S. These pictures are really old, and kinda embarrassing, but since I haven't seen 'er in so long, they'll have to do. :) We really don't look like this anymore!

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  1. haha :) Thanks for doing all that Kim. miss u. ;)