Monday, May 16, 2011

I'm Tired

Yup. That is my floor. You might be wondering why there is a picture of my floor on my blog. Yeah, I sort of am too actualy. I gues it's because My floor reminds me of sleep. That is somethin I need. I'm so tired.

I watched a movie with Janelle last night after a game night at the Epersons. (Ryan's house if you know who Ryan is, if not, our next door neghbor) We went up to her house after game night and couldn't figure out what to watch. We desidedto watch "Whiny the Poo, and the Hunny Tree" just so we could make fun of it. That didn't really work out so we watched "Durty Roten Skoundrals" Janelle was asleep like the hole time. BY the ime the movie was done we relized it was pased 12. When my dad came up to get me I asked if I could just slee over, so I did. We ended up being up until 1:15 or so. We were so tired.

I had been tired before that anywhay, so now I am really tired. And guess what I get to do tomarow! I get to go to school! .... oh joy..... :

I guess I'm gunna have a nother tired week.

I'm so thankful for my nice room, and my nice bed made of 3 matresses. I'm thankful for clocks to tell me to go to bed already as well as friends who chat with me from sccross the world who agree.

Hopefuly this week won't be to bad. I've got a big test on Wednesday, but once I'm pased that this 4 day school week will most likely be a breeze.

Time gose so fast. I get so destracted when I do home work, and before i know it it's almost dinner time.

I wish you could always just sleep untill you have had enogh sleep. But then you could stay up as long as yo wanted all the time, so I gues i'ts better the way it is.

Good night every one. Espesialy Jim, who has Malaria. Get tons of rest!

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