Monday, May 16, 2011

It's a Cut Kitty

This is one of my cute kittys. I couldn't find any onther pictures of them. I took this one today. Thsi one has many names: Mr. Buttins, Little Asian, Leasia, Teddyersa, Skater Shoe, Teddy Kitten, and "The Big One." He, I mean she, is the bigest of all 5 of Anny's kittens and is my favorite.

She is scared of people sometimes, but she is so cute and soft. She is over all a pretty well behaved kitty though. A least she dosn't jump into the trash can like the others and go all "rabid looking" when she gets ahold of a peice of chicken.

This is just one of my cute littl fuzzy cats that I wanted to share. I'll try to get more pictures soon if I can. I may not post again for at least a week. I have no time for anything wile scool is going so on this 3 day week end I wanted to get alot of posting done. I hope you enjoy reading it all.

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