Monday, May 16, 2011


A few months ago my mom had malaria, but now Jim dose. Poor Jim...

I guess there isn't a hole lot more to say... I don't really know what Malaria is like because I have never had it. I did get my finger pricked to be tested for malaria though. And it hurt ok! Will and Steve didn't think it was so bad but... ouch...

I'm typing with two fingers right now. My left pointing finger and my right ring finger. My fingers on my right hand hurt. Only one got pricked but I don't want to risk using it to press a key on accsedent, becaus it hurts.

Jim has to be in bed for a wile i guess. I guess he will miss school. I hate missing school because then you have a ton of stuff to make up. He leves for the states in like 4 weeks I think so he might only really have to go toschool for 3. The Malaria will probubly nock him out for about a week. Not literaly.

Well thats about all I can say about that... So yeah, pray that Jim will get better and that none of us get sick.

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