Saturday, May 14, 2011

School :/

I hate to say it, people, but, I AM SICK OF SCHOOL! Yes, me. The one who loved school tell the end last year. I know the reason too. Last year was compleatly different than this year in so many ways, and it was better. I liked my class mates better because they folowed the rules more. I liked my teacher better because she really knew how to teach, and she knew how to teach me personaly because I learn a bit diferently. I liked the class room inviorment way better, it was more organized, I learned more... Anyway you get the point. Last year was pretty aweosme and this year is pretty much the oposite of all the things I mentiond.

This year we "swich classes." Honestly I don't think it can be called that. We swich teachers, but we stay in the same old, bland, boring, blank, and annoying classroom all day long exsept for science class where we go to the science lab.

No afence to anyone at all, but some of my teachers, I don't think they have had much expirience. To put it simply, my class is horible, dosn't listen, loud, annoying, mean... ok not everyone. Some of us actualy want to learn and we stay quiet, but some of us I guess, want to ruen it for everyone by being loud, annoying, breaking the rules... you get it. Anyway, a few of my teachers, I don't think they have ever heard of a thing that some people like to call "disapline."

Home work is tough this year too. It gets to be alot of stuff and then I get really over-welmed and don't know where to start and don't think I can do it all. Then I start procrasinating... No sorry, I start procrasinating way before that point. I stink at studdying as well so big tests scare me like nuts. I have a feeling everything in school from this point on is not as organized, meaning I have to organize my stuff myself. I'm going to epicly fail at that.

I just can't take it anymore! It is to much, and the worst part is I can't get away! I live on campus. I live on a mile long world, and I can't just 'step out of the world'!! There is nothing you CAN do off campus exsept shop for food at stores that smell bad anyway. Even if I did get off campus I couldn't ever get away from the many people that I see every single day, such as teachers, other campus people, my few friends, my class mates... I can't even get a break from my family every once and a while when I just need a break. If I was in America I could always walk to Grandma's or spend the day at Kimberly or Sophia's house or I could go do something with Analise. Nothing like that here.

I need a break man. Not just of school. I need a break from campus. But not just from campus either. I dont just want to go to the lake or a vacation, that wouldn't be any better. I need a break from Malawi! I need a break from the same old thing every single day. I want to actualy DO something!


  1. I know school can be hard, Liz, but keep trucking! Really try to find the good things in life and the blessings. I know this can be hard too, but God really is amazing and when you are seeking Him everything else seems better to. I felt the same way you do when I was your age - just gotta go somewhere, get out of my skin! But the peace and sense of accomplishment that comes from learning to love God's plan for you is truly priceless (I'm still learning this too!)
    You could always play Polyanna's "glad game."
    For example: "I don't like how hot it is today, but thankfully the sun is shining and that makes trees grow" Anyhow, that helps me sometimes to seek out the joy.
    Hold fast to joy!

  2. You probably do have some teachers that don't have a lot of experience! I was a junior high teacher at ABC a few years ago, and I had no experience! And it was really tough. Try encouraging your teachers in the things they are doing well. That way, they can focus on those things, and maybe feel a little more confident so they can improve in the areas they don't do great in. Trust me, they are just as frustrated by their lack of experience and discipline as you are!