Saturday, May 14, 2011

Switch it up

Be prepared for a long post.

So I switched up my blog design. Do you like it? GOOD! because I brought in a professional! Just kidding, because if it were true I would have had to pay her.

Kimberly, thank you so much for helping me! It is really nice! You are so good at what you do. You could seriusly design the aweosmest websites. I bet you 5 bucks you will one day have a job designing something.

But guys, she HACKED ME! I was seriously freaked out when I saw the post she rote on my blog. I went to my blog and saw the title of the post "hacked." I freaked out. Yeah, I'm that stupid. haha. I thought some hacker-person actually hacked me for real and the post would say something like this:

"Blogger, Elizabeth Trumble,
You have been hacked by an unknown source and will now have to shut down your blog for national security. Your blog "That Girl-with a head full of dreams" will adiabatically shut down and lock in exactly 12 hours. Please retrieve any information from this site before this time.

Thank you, Team"

Yeah, pretty dumb. I probably could have put it together that it was Kimberly a bit faster sense it was really obvious, but I guess I'm just slower than that. :P

Those pictures are so weird!!! I love them, but dude, we were such freaks back then! We were really funny. oh haha, this is so making me laugh! They say "a picture is worth a thousand words," for me it's just a thousand memories. That's way better.

I was so small when we visited you in Hawaii! It seems like only, at the most, 4 years ago. I think it could have been more like 5 or 6! I barley remember that! I remember I was like really anti-social at the beginning. Then I remember we played polly-pockets all the time, and we gathered up a bunch of hibiscus flowers and put them on your bed. That was such a fun week.

When you moved to Colorado we didn't get along at all. How dose that work?! I'm kinda surprised we ever started to get along. The hole reason we didn't in the first place was because you thought I was really weird! Ha!

We used to do such awesome things. Remember when we used to play pioneers with our brothers? ahh... We were funny.

I miss everyone in America so much! I miss Kimberly, I miss Sophia, I miss Annalise, my grandparents, my aunts and uncles, the rest of my cousins...

I have really funny memories of things I've done with Sophia, but I won't mention them because they are kind of embarrassing and weird. Or memories of things I've done with Annalise! hahaha! We could have been the craziest people on earth back then! We had so much fun sometimes! And I remember how I used to walk to my grandparents house and drink tea and talk with Grandma or take a paint lesson from Grandpa. ... I miss Colorado.

I don't just miss the snow and the leaves falling in fall. I don't just miss the good, processed food you can buy there. I don't just miss how nice the roads and stores are, and how there are parks, and tons of churches to choose from... I miss my family, and the few friends I have outside of my family. The people here are really nice (most of them anyway ;) ) but they are not the same as all the friends that I've had for so long, in Colorado Springs.

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