Thursday, June 9, 2011

Cry... :(

Jim left for the states today. Well I guess he should be at the air port right now and they will leave at like 3:00.

Today was so sad! I woke up at 6:15 and wrote Jim a letter for him to open on the plain and I wrote one for Janelle as well. (If you did not already know, Jim is going back with the Dehnert's, Janelle's family, who are leaving for a year. Janelle is one of my good friends here) I got ready for school at about 6:35. Then Jim had to go over to Ryan's house for some reason (Ryan is going back with the Dehnerts as well) But Will and I had to go to school so we ran after them and gave Jim a hug good bye, but that was the last I have heard from Jim today. Will and I walked to school at about 7:00 right after we said good bye to Jim and after Will got some home work stuff signed by my dad.

At school I was so close to being late but I wasnt. Then we had to take our history final. That went really well. I think I did prety good on it. After I finished I just wrote in my notebook. Then we had a 20 minust break and I got to see Janelle then before she left. Janelle started crying and then all the rest of us almost started crying too. I was trying not to cry because I still had mascara on from the resitel the night before and I didnt want it to be all over my face, but I kind of started crying anyway. Then I just gave Janelle a hug and went back to class to take my Language final. That didn't go very well.

After Laguage was another 20 minut break and Janelle was still at school so we were all just standing around with her. Then I had to go take my Math final so I said good bye to Janelle and went back to class and put my head on my desk. I seriusly was tearing up and trying to stop myself but I couldn't. I was really sad because I knew I wouldn't see my big brother again for 6 weeks and I wouldn't see Janelle for over a year!

Janelle has been a really great friend to me while I have been here. If it wasn't for Janelle I would not have had any friends when I first came here or even for prety much the whole first school year I was here. Janelle has always been there to play games with, be a moron with, laph your head off with, just to hang out with, to talk with... She has always been there for me and I am really thankful that God gave me her as a friend in malawi, and I am really sad that I will not get to see her for a year.

Nothing will be the same around here without Janelle or Jim. I feel so confused because I don't know what to do now! I am sick of school but if it was the summer I would just be so lost and not know what to do. I really want to make our house all clean like normal people's houses are and then we could buy friut and really yummy food like that like normal people do instead of only haveing prosesed food and Pizza that Maria makes almost every day. Then I could get my iPod fixed or get a new iPod and get a speeker for it and I could sit in my clean normal person room and draw or write wile listening to music. Then if I desided to walk out into the living room it wouldn't look like a junk yard because our house would be clean, like normal people's houses. Thats what I want. But I will never get it.

Today is just such a sad day for so many reasons...
The worst thing is, I don't know if or when it will ever really get any better...

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