Wednesday, June 8, 2011



I don't really know why.

Today has been a happy day for me!

In school this morning was the awards chapel and I got some awards. I got the Honor Roll wich is really cool! Only people that are like good students and get good grades get the Honor Roll and I was not expecting to get it. I also got some subject awards wich you get if you did particularly well in that class or asked good questions or went abouve and beond or something like that. I got the Bible Award, probubly because of the long answers I always wrote in my bible book, but honestly you don't have to try to hard to do good in bible class, and I got the Language Arts Award. It was aweosme to get the Language Arts Award because I have like a B in that class and fail spelling tests and stuff, but Mr. Amentorp (my Language arts teacher) sayed I got it because I am a really good writer and always did really well in my day book stuff.

For P.E. today we also played the 7th and 8th graders in dodge ball. It was really scary! they can throw balls really hard and can dodge really well and they are all athletic and biger than us. The 6th graders (us) are pretty lame and there are less of us than them. We got Mr. Brunijer (the P.E. teacher) and Mr. Amentorp on our team though. We won the first game, they eon the second game and we tied the therd game. We were really proud of beating them too because none of us thought it was posible!

The only other awesome thing at school I think was that I only missed like 1 and 1/2 questions on my science pre-test so I think I'm going to do ok. I am done with studying for finals! I just can't do it anymore! but I think I'll be ok. I know most of the stuff pretty well, and if I don't get the best grade on them I really don't care that much at this point. I will do my best and get done with them. I studied and I'm pretty prepared but I'm not really going to study anymore because, because I don't want to. Good excuse huh?... I'm sure I'll do ok though.

school is almost over! Only 2 more days this week. Finals days. Then next week is 2 and 1/2 days long of just counting books cleaning the class room and signing year books. I will be glad to not have all this work to wory about but I think I will kinda miss school too. Next week monday we get to wear anything like sport-ish. As in like a basball T-shirt or soccer jersy or whatever. It is kinda a free dress day, and it's the first one this year, so it will be nice.

The other thing that happened today was my choir resital. We sang the Canon Of Prais or something like that and Your Buetiful. Your Buetiful we sang with the little kid choir and the balet people all did their dances. It was really the balet recital we just sang in it.

On the Canon of Praise song we did absulutly horibly! We were not on the right time because everyone was nervouse and not watching Tarita who was conducting us, we were off key, and no one was singing very loudly like we should have been. We did so bad. It was the worst we have ever done it. We always did ok in choir class after school but this was just not at all good.

In the "your beutiful" song I guess we did ok. I guess it was alright. The best thing of the whole show was when the older girl's balet class did their dance. They did really well. Janelle was really good and so was Alison and Franceska... They are all such good baletrinas. They are so gracful and make it look so so easy. Balet is like SO hard though. All the littler kids are not as good but ballet 5 (the older kids one) they just make the dance look so cool and it is so aweosme!

Well I should go to bed. Jim leaves tomarow for Colorado. I am kinda sad because I am going to miss him but I know he will have so much fun! I love love love traveling! Actualy I kind of hate plane rides but I love airports and the excitment of going somewhere you usualy dont go and somewhere new and awesome! It makes the world seem so big but then again small and so much more than I ever really thought it was. It's cool. Jim is lucky.

Janelle is also leaving, but she is leaving for a year. I am going to really miss her. Janelle has been a good friend to me and it wont be the same without her here. Campus wont seem like campus without the Dehnerts.

Please pray that everyone who is traveling here in the next week as school comes to an end, that they will all be safe. Thank you for praying for me this year. This school year has been another rpretty good one for me despite repeating 6th grade and having to swich classes and all the things I thought would be horible. Not saying it was perfect, but this year has been pretty good. I am very thankful for my school and my friends and for the ABC campus.

thank you for reading my blog. I apreciate that you take time to go through my horible spelling and writing to see whats going on in my life and in my head.

good night,

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