Wednesday, June 29, 2011

I have a KITTY

This is Bat Kitty. 1 of 5 in my old kitten, Anny's litter. Bat Kitty was originally called "the other kitten" because I didn't really care about her. The other kittens were cooler, and bat Kitty used to look like a freaky bat.

Bat Kitty's 1 and only brother, Slinky, originally called boots by my mom, was given to the Eppersons to kill mice. Slinky is a nice cat who likes to sit on your lap, and apparently has caught at least one mouse.

Bat Kitty also has 3 other sisters as well. Jo-ie, Lil Asian, and Cracker. Jo-ie was the one we were going to keep but she went all emo and rat like on us. She got into the trash and on the kitchen counter at all costs and went all rabid on me if I tried to take a piece of chicken away from her. She got sick and died in a computer desk drore.

Lil Asian or Mr. button, is fat and she is annoying. She is goignt o be Jessica martonson's cat when she gets back from America.

cracker, now named Cloie was given to the Van Rensburg family and aperently is doign well. That was always a quiet kitten.

Anny, the mother of all these kittens, and the last remaining kitten from Floppy's litter that we origianaly got along with Floppy a year ago, we gave to some people who have a chubby kid named Trever. They wanted her to catch mice. She ran out of their door and didnt come back... so that was the end of Anny.

Floppy, Bat Kitty's grandmother, is still as alive and annoying as she ever was. She does hang around the house more than she used to now a days though.

One day, as nearly every day, we went to the Epperson's to watch TV at night, so i desided to bring Bat Kitty to visit Slinky.

Let's just say Bat Kitty was very warmly welcomed by about 3 or 4 diferent dogs wich freeked the crap out of Bat Kitty and then she had a staring/growling/back-arching contest with her brother, Slinky, who she odviusly had forgoten.

Now you've met my kittens. My hungry hungry kittens...

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