Wednesday, June 29, 2011

I like to draw

If you didn't already know this about me, I like to draw things.
Here are a few of some pretty resent drawings I have done.

That above is not a drawing. It's a game system that you plug into the TV. ON it you can play a game called Dig Dug with my dad really likes and is really good at. He used to play it when he was 15 on the real r-caid thingies, but by the time he was 16, he told me, he had "foolishly" (he used some word like that) mover on to Mario brothers. And thus his Dig Dug skills diminished. And now he likes to lay it, but not necessarily on this thing, we have Dig Dug for X-box.

For father's day I made this card for my dad because he likes to play these oldy games. They are actually allot simpler than games these days. Games used to have "...a certain simplicity to them for sure..." (I am quoting my dad from earlier today.)

Oops... I just accidentally deleted one of the pictures... sorry about that. I don't really want to put it on here again because it will mess everything up.

Anyway. these picture, as in the ones taken with the camera, did not turn out very well. I took them at night and some of these cards i used to send letters in to my friends in America.

The one up there is of oranges. I actually didn't finish coloring it in, and it is terribly blurry in the photo of it.

This one is not on the front of a card. This is Will's Sharpy Gangster Duck. I colored it and drew it with sharpy and gave it to Will because that week he had been wearing his hat and hoodie everywhere.
This one is my favorite. I stared at it for a while after I drew it because it turned out really well and I couldn't believe that I had done it.

It looks better in real life for sure. I drew it at Epperson's one night because I didn't feel like actually watching NCIS.

This is my other favorite. It is ICE CREAM!!! who doesn't love that?! When I was drawing allot of these cards I was on like a "food role." I just liked the whole food thing that day. It seemed to have worked pretty well too.

Oh, I thought I would just through this in here. CONFESSION: I really love eye makeup. My mom maybe dose not especially like it that I like eye makeup but it is only the truth. I am telling you, I would have just really loved living in ancient Egypt.

(I figured makeup stuff went ok with art stuff so I threw it in there ;)

Thanks for reading my blog. It's appreciated. It's even more appreciated if you comment on posts or email me. Just sayin :)

peace out.

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  1. eye make, totally rocks!!!! and, it looks good on u, u really know how to put on eyeshadow and mascara!!!!!!