Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Market Percheses

Because of people in the market, a hem, wanting money, they dont really let you take pictures unless you pay them for it. So I don't have pictures from inside the market. I wish i did, it would be kinda cool. I must say though, you have to be there to get it. The fist time there is always bad though.

In the above picture we are wearing our market percheses (wich we by the way spent our own money on. My dad actualy payed for half though because we are his kids and we need cloths)Will bought that epic bronco hoodie, I bought that shirt and hoodie wich says something (not sure what) and a few other things, and my dad bough that jaket thingy.

If you did not know this, I like cameras and I like my room and I like merors. That by the way is one of my new shirts, wich i really like.

(^ The above picture is me with one of my new shirts and my new jaket) You can get some pretty nice stuff at the market. It is oddly extreemly fun for me to blow my money there. You can bargen with the people selling it and all these people bring stuff up to you that they want you to buy and you can just look it over then be like "nope, to small" or "not today, thats not the right colour" you can get really specific and stubern because there are millions of dudes sellign stuff and millions of piles of cloths.

Aparently the Plain White T's is a band. Didn't know that. I thought it was suposed to be like a plain white T-shirt but "lol" it's not because it has color on it. My dad said it was cool so I bought it along with that green shirt I was wearing in the first picture. they are both now ranked pretty high on my "favorite clothing itams" list.

At the market it is nice because you tell some one you want t-shirts and they lead you to a shak thing full of them and if you don't like them say "this isn't the right kind" they get kinda annoyed at me I think but it is way funner to do all this stuff than you may think.

If you see the styl of shirt you want point to it and all these people wil bring you diferent things like it. It's very handy. I got some good things out of this shopping trip.

You've already seen this one. It's a good one. very nice. Good condition.

Not everythingat the market is nice. The market is a bunch of tarps and roofs cramed together on top of uneven, bumppy, red dust across a rickety home made long, shaky, bridge over a pretty wide river after all. But man, this place is like an endless, huge and spread out loundry basket of cloths to sell! There is TONS!

The market dosnt only sell cloths there are other sections of it that sell other things I just have not been to them very often and i don't really like them as much.

despite the market being well, a Malawi market, you can, I seriusly asure you, you can fine aweosme stuff there.

This is a Smurf shirt that dosnt fit me. I bought it for Janelle. Don't tell her! It's an inside joke kind of thing. She will like it.

Well, so this has been Elizabeth's Market Shopping Experiances 411. Hope you liked it. You better have! just kidding.

Let me just take a moment to say how incredably wonderful fast inernet is at 9:42 at night. This picture thing is really working dude, it's aweosme!

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  1. Awesome shirts!!! And the plain white tee's are AMAZING! i love them! lol :) Great post, miss u!