Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Randomness--because the internet was fast

This is Chisomo Epperson. He is 2 and a half or somewhere close to that age. The Epperson's addopted him from some place at some time... I don't really know the story. Anyway, he is addopted by the Eppersons.

The Eppersons are these people on campus that we my family is pretty good friends of. our patents are all good friends. They always talk about campus stuff. Kimmy is in will's class and Ryan is one grade ahed of Jim. Steve, Will and I sometimes play with Kimmy in the summer because we are bored and because she is cool. And Jim dose alot with Ryan.

We go to the Eppersons almost every night to watch TV. They used to be our next door neghbors wich was nice but now they live all the way up campus at the Dehnerts house while dehnerts are in America.

They used to come here to watch star treck, but now we go up there to watch NCIS-- the latest eppisodes, uploaded from iTunes. The 8th season of NCIS ended I guess so now we are watching 24. It's pretty good. It's an addicting show because it always leavs you on cliff hangers.

My New Shoes. I got them for free beleive it or not. Honestly I don't think I would pay money for something like this. I thought it was kind of weird, but now I actualy wear them every once and a while.

There had been people that sent over boxes and boxes of shoes to give away in the village, but not all of them went. There were ALOT of left overs.

Me and my mom walked up to Epperson's to look at shoes. (It was really fun btw) There were TONS of shoes! not all of then were all that great and alot didnt fit me, but I got these and some tenishoe type things.

Who dosn't love new shoes right?!

Me and Will were bored one day, only a few days into the summer break a cupple weeks ago. I wanted a new profile picture so I made him do a photo shoot with me. The best place for taking pictures is either my tree house or at the school, so there we went.

I have gotten better at self photos or what ever you call them. It's fun, and easy, and handy. Whats more handy is a little brother to be in your pictures as well so you don't look like those people who just like taking pictures of themselvs.

At school, the second to last day of school, was Crazy Day. And I must say, one of the stupidest days at school I have ever seen go by. This, was a HORIBLE day. I looked like a compleat freek! Someone even got me mixed up with one of the boys in my class!

Remind me, also, not to trust a 9th grade boy ever again. When you ask them to get the people in their class to sing the year book for your brother and ask them to retern it to you in a cupple of hours, just let me tell you, it dosnt nesisaraly turn out that well. He only got like 3 people to sign it in all that time, and some of them didnt even sign it on Jim's page wich clearly said "JIM'S PAGE" not "LIZ'S PAGE" It's pretty simple.

Like I was saying, this school day, HORIBLE! All stinking day long, we cleaned class rooms. The worst was Language. We went up to the language class room where we don't even have class, it's only the older kids who have class there. We cleaned and cleaned and scrubed the shelves and got totaly infested with Silver Fish, these EXTREEMLY discusting type of bug that lives in cardbourd and paper. That wasn't all. We had to ... I mean "got" to listen to Justin Beiber music and some rap stuff. Oh joy... :

To top it all off, almost all of the teachers made me really mad at them by the time school was over. Then my friends wanted me to take pictures of all of out crazy outfits. But guess what! No one even kept their outfits on the whole day. I must have looked like such a moron.

Oh yes. I cleaned my room!!! Looks nice huh? OK, OK, it is not that empty anymore. This guy was goign to build my loft, though it isnt even up yet. So I cleaned out my room so that he could build in there. Sence then I have added in some things because I still need to live in there.

In the proses of cleaning I did get rid of a box full of stuff. Me and Will and some friends are goignt o have a sale some time in the next few weeks to earn some extra money and to get rid of our junk.

This is just another picture from Will and my photo shoot thingy. I like this picture becasue it is just cool.

Don't you absalutly LOVE fast internet?! It's amazing! It alows me to up load like 5 photos on to my blog withing like 10 minuts, where normaly it takes half an hour to just say "Error, try again later" ahh! It's annoying.

Sorry I usualy don't have pictures in my blog posts but I live in stinking AFRICA for goodness sake! Kut me some slack! ;)

Here is some dude eating a boiled mouse. Thats pretty nice huh? Awesome... (EEEWWWW!!!) And no! I have never eaten one of those! I have eaten a fried ingoombi (termite) with tako seasoning as a snak at youth group. Beleive it or not but it was good! I don't plan to eat any mice any time soon though.

I was not actualy there when this picture was taken but I did go with my dad and a guy named Hope to buy a stick of these mice so my dad could take a video of Hope eating it. You can see some more pictures like this one on facebook on my dad's profile [click HERE]

Thanks for reading the randomness! Pictures and fast internet are this blog's best friend.

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