Tuesday, July 5, 2011

4th of July

For the 4th of July I went up to Amber's house and we made these "Proud to be an American" shirts. It kinda failed. They looked kind of cool, but we cut them up and we messed up on that. They turned out all right though. We made some other stuff and then we went on a picknic for lunch. We just put a bunch of food in a basket and caried it all the way down campus to my house where we sat in my tree house to eat it.

Pretty much all day I was waiting for Will and Steve to come home from Timmy and JohnMark's house but they ended up taking SO long!

We went to this campus bar-b-que thing for the americans on campus. A team that came decorated and did fire works at it. Me and my friends always make fun of the teams when we see them wich is kinda mean. We just call them tuerists and stuff like that.

Fianaly at like 5:15 PM Will and Steve came home after we had all already goen to the bar-b-que. We ate food there and stuff. The people there, I didn't really know some of them or I didn't really care to spend my 4th of July with them.--Exsept for the cool people... Amber and I had to drag this untraned great dain dog named Tera all the way from school down to her house wich is about half of campus. That was like, horible. She tried to bite both of us more than once and that was creepy because she is a BIG dog. Let me tell ya dragging a great dain, that dosnt want to go with you, for at least a quarter of a mile is hard!

The food was good but but the meat was not that great. Thats just Malawi though. I was kind of grumpy then because I was really tired and wasn't having the best day so that made it less fun. I just kind of felt like faling asleep.

After the food we went to the soccer feild across the road to watch the fire works that the turists-I mean the team that came, were doing. They odviusly didnt know how to do some of them but they did pretty good it was cool. Fire works are always cool, but I wanted to go home because I was tired.

I guess that was pretty much it. So there you go, my 4th of July. Pretty amazing.
You can see more pictures of my forth of July on facebook. [click HERE]

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