Sunday, July 3, 2011

At Spencer's

The Spencer's are a big family that lives on campus but are curently in America. They have a trampoline in their back yard that we like to jump on alot. There is only aloud like 2 or 3 people at once so we always play games where you have to take turns. It is funner than it sounds.

Also in their back yard they have a big tree house/club house thing that is very simmaler to the one in my back yard. I had never been in it so I told Amber I wanted to go in it.

In this video Will, Steve, Timmy, and JohnMark are all jumping on the trampoline and me and Amber are going to go into the tree fort. I think this video is funny but Will and Steve didnt really think so. There isn't really much point to it, but i guess if you havent seen me in a year you could at least hear my voice in it, and see what Amber looks like if you have never seen her before.

Enjoy! :)

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