Saturday, July 9, 2011

Green Eyed and Lazy

I am going to introduce you to my 3 cats. All green eyed and very lazy. They do nothing but beg for food and lay on the couch but I love them anyway.

This is Floppy. Mother of Anny, the cat we originaly got last year with the rest of Floppys littler. All 3 of Anny's brothers ran away or died so we just had Floppy and Anny for a while and then Anny had 5 kittens, 2 of wich we still have.

Floppy is very lazy. She does nothing. She sits on the couch, makes weird noises, has a bell on her but sence she never moves it dosnt really change anything. Floppy used to always be outside and she would catch lizards and stuff and follow you up campus when you walked around. That was cool. Now she is an old cat. It is sad. Jim really loves her though.

This is Bat Kitty, Floppy's grand daughter and Anny's daughter. (Anny, by the way, was given to some people so that she could catch rats for them but she ran away.) We now have 3 cats. Floppy, the the grandma, and 2 of Anny's kittens. One of wich is Bat Kitty.

Bat Kitty likes food. She jumps up on the table and kitchen counter to get food even though there is always cat food in her bowl. She looks up at you and meows because she wants food. She also likes to sit on people's laps and she looks like a chicken when she just sits there.

This is Little Asian/Mr. Buttons. She is a girl but Jim named her Mr. Buttons. She is really cute! She is super soft and has a really weird high pitched squweeky meow. I called her Little Asian before she even had her eyes open. Back then she did look like a little asian and she was so cute! She had a really chuby head and she was really chuby. She was so cute! She is actualy kinda ugly but she looks so soft and chuby and bunny like that you just have to pick her up and hug her becase she is so cute! But I don't like her as much as Bat Kitty because she is annoying and dosn't like to be helled and she gives me this look that sais "what are you doing you freak?" when ever I say her name. It's funny though. she lookes like an alien sometimes.

Little Asian dosn't do much. She dosnt jump up on stuff for food but she does really like going in the kitchen at night when I walk in there and she chases little cockroaches and munches them. it is like "crunch CRUNCh crunch.." its really nasty. She is going to be my friend Jessica's cat soon when ever she comes to get her.
I just put this picture on here because it was cool. Bat Kitty is funny. She is just cool some how. All my friends pretty much hate all my cats but I like them.

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