Tuesday, July 5, 2011


A cuple days ago, on Friday, I envited Sarah over so we desided to paint a wall in my tree house. Timmy came to campus even though will was at michael's and steve was sick. JohnMark didn't come either because he went to Tazelarr's house.

Sarah and I got on some paint shirts and carryed a buket of red paint up to the tree house. We opened it and it smelled REALLY bad! It looked and smelled like a bucket of blood to me and Sarah. It was really nasty. Then all these flies started coming in and there were like a TON of bugs flieing around!

There is a wasp's nest in my tree house wich is kinda creepy, but usualy they don't bug you. I mean, we were all up there for at least a cuple hours and didn't get stung or anything. Yesterday though we went up there to just see it and the minut I walked in there was like this stinging pain in my neck! I ldroped on the ground and screemed and then I got stung in my side and in my stumach. I guess they just stung me through my shirt. That was not the nicest expiriance. NO one beleved me that I actualy got stung either, but I seriusly did.

Sarah and I had put an extention cord out there up to the tree house so we could plug in the speakers and listen to our iPods on them. Neither of us really had anything very worth listening to, so we just put Sarah's iPod on shuffle or something.

We mixed up the bloody smelling red paint and painted one whole wall red, even though the rest of the tree house is kind of red anyway.

After a while Timmy came and after we finished painting the wall red we all painted some pictures and stuff on it! Timmy got kind of bored. Steve came up to paint with us even though he was "sick" but he didn't do alot either. Sarah and I were really the only ones that cared very much about the painting.

This is what Steve painted. He said that his name was suposed to look creepy and then there was an arow pointing to his signiture wich is an S that goes around and then draws a T. That's what the dark blue is.

These are some things I did. Some of them kind of failed because I didn't really know what they were suposed to be. I had originaly imagened this whole painting the wall thing to turn out alot awesomer. Oh well...

Sarah and Timmy painted some stuff too. Just like random pictures I guess. Will was going to paint something on the wall when he got home from Micheal's house but that was when I got stung by the wasps so he never got to. One day he probubly will and so can Jim when he gets back from Amberica. I miss Jim...

Thanks for stopping by!

I'll write again soon.

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