Saturday, July 9, 2011

Sparkle Sparkle

The other night, on the 5th, Will and Steve wanted to do some fire works. Timmy and JohnMark were sleeping over with Will and Steve that night so odviusly they were there too.

Ok so I know Timmy and JohnMark tend to show up in my posts alot but thats because they are like the only people that ever come to our house. I would say stuff about Amber but she has been sick for a while and I havent been able to do things with her for about a week, wich is really sad. I need some change of friends every once and a while so I am getting kind of bored of just hanging out with Timmy, JohnMark and my little brothers all the time. But anyway, now you know.
Steve and Timmy were sitting out there looking at the stars for a while and Will and Jones where doing fire works. (btw I am just going to call JohnMark Jones sometimes becaus that is what i usualy cal him, just so you don't get confused)

Will always dose the fire works in the day time wich is so lame because you cant even see the pretty fire stuff. He did them at night though for once this time and it was really cool! I love fire works! These fire works were not like that big though. They are pretty small ones.

We had a few sparklers left over from something, probubly from new years. So we did stuff with those. No let me re frase that, all the rest of them did sparklers but I was to scared to hold them so I took the pictures.

Thats Steve and Jones. Sparklers look raally cool it's pretty awesome.

Thats Timmy and Jones. You can't really light those things with a match very easily so they were lighting them this sparklers that were already lit.

Thats Steve. I don't know what he was doing. Steve is pretty photogenic these days. My brothers used to hate getting their picture taken but now they pose for me. It's pretty funny. Jim is the only one that still puts his hands in front of the camera and yells at you when you try to take his picture. It's pretty cool being the oldest kid around in your house because you can get your brothers to do stuff for you, but thats about the only nice thing about anyone in my family being gone. I really miss Jima nd my dad and I want them to come home from America soon!

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