Sunday, July 3, 2011

Summer days

This summer started out pretty boring. I could not even beleive that school was over! The school year went by really fast for me. Neer the end of the school year it had just started to feel like it had oficialy begun... and then it ended. It was weird.

The first few days of summer I sat in my room on facebook for hours and barly went out side. That was a pretty bad start to the summer. It was also werid becasue Jim wanst around.

At I think the end of the first real week of summer Amber came back from a year in America. I was never great friends with Amber before she left but now I am getting to now her and she is cool.

On the first day that Amber was back Sarah, another one of my friends, and I talked with her for a long time about random stuff and then chased Will and Mike, Sarah's little brother, all the way up campus for listening to our conversations. That was pretty fun. At least we got some excersize.

For the last few days Timmy and JohnMark have come over to campus a few times and we all do fun stuff together. It is usualy me, Amber, Will, Timmy, JohnMark, Steve, and sometimes Kimmy, Cary, or Molly. Timmy and JohnMark are our friends. JohnMark is in my class but he is more will's friend than my friend and Timmy is a grade above Jim. Amber is my age, and all those other kids are 5th grade or below.

You can do fun stuff on campus with that many people. Last sumemr we used to play capture the flag and sardeens almost every day at the school so now we are all really sick of that so we do other stuff.

The other day we wanted to go exploring so we went down to the new EE building (Evangelism Explotion.) They are building it to be used as dorms and also for EE people to use for stuff when they come here or something like that. Anyway, it is still being built. We snuck into the back wich was just bricks and a roof with alot of hay like stuff piled in it. We looked around there for a while and then unloked a door that was being heled shut my some nails. We walked down this aweosme long hall way and opened some doors. Timmy heled steve up to look through these tall windows so Steve could tell us what was inside. After a while we realized that people actualy lived in there so we got scared and ran away. But that was fun.

We discovered this really cool little pavilion thing wich is a good place to sit in and think of what to do next. We hung around talking in there for a while and then went and did something else.

I can't remember in order what we did so I'll just list some things we do sometimes.

We go to the gym to play basket ball, go swimming in the freezing-water pool (wich is tecnacly off limets I think but we climb over the fence), we play games at the soccer feild or at the school, make up games pretty much anywhere, go to the chappel to play the drums or pianos in there, climb trees, throw the basket ball up to the tree house and back and make up games there, jump on one of the two trampolines on campus (wich is really fun and we do that alot) and make up new games on the trampolines, go exploring, go to the student center to play ping pong, race down campus with bikes and skooters and stuff, and walk around looking for other people to do stuff with... and then we always end up back at home playing computer games or X-box or Wii because by the end of everything we are all tired out. Then by the time Timmy, Amber, and JohnMark go home, Will, Steve and I are pretty saticfied with how we spent our day.

The best way to spend the summer is to fill every day with really fun activities that don't envolve being inside to much. I have spent etire summers in front of the TV and at the end of it you are left wondering where your time went and wishing you had it back. If you spend summer outside with your friends getting exsersize and having fun all day long then each day adds up to make your entire summer supper worth it and leaves you almost readdy to go back to school. That is the kind of summer I like.

DON'T WAST TIME. I only get one 13th year. I don't think I really used my time to be a kid when I was a little kid so I am going to spend my time now to be a 13 year old kid. I don't want to spend my entire childhood on facebook no matter how addicting it is. :P

Have a great summer you guys! I'm pretty sure mine is going to turn out alright.
Thanks for reading,

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