Saturday, July 9, 2011

Tomatos and Potatos

Comintaries by William Trumble
OK, so just try to forget that I look really creepy in that picture. Will says "you don't look creepy you just look stupi.... good...." yes, whatever. Anyway. Last night Steve and I made french fries, tomato sandwiches and milk shakes. I was teaching steve how to make these things.

The french fries were really greesy. Will says "too greesy! ooo!" But anyway I thought they were good. Steve helped me cut the potatos.

I also made tomato sandwiches wich is just toasted bread with tomato slices and mayo and salt and pepper. It was good. will:"very nice and crispy"

steve made the milk shakes they were really good! I told him how though and I got the recipe from my friend. Will:" they were very good"

We watched The chronicles of Narnia. It was kinda like our movie night. Will: "I fell asleep during half of it"

This is our sort of clean-ish house. Its cool. our house is nice when it's clean. Steve is on the couch there, he was sick a while ago but he's better now. Over there in the other corner you can see will barfing up my food. Will:"It shows how good Elizabeth's cooking is huh?"

Last night after Will barfed he says this with a really big smile on him face:

W: "Ah, I feel alot better now that all that stuff is out!"


W: "yeah... I saw alot of red things at the end like the tomatos coming out. " (will says now that it was just a few though, not alot."

This morning I made Chicken noodle soup and Will ate that and didn't barf that up. But he sais he thinks he's going to. But he did barf up mom's toast that she gave to him. I am on a cooking streek! Just kiding I think I am about done with cooking.

E:"Will you can read my new posts!"

W:"no. I don't want to."

fine will, fine...

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