Wednesday, August 24, 2011

See Into My Mind

See into my mind through my art. Art is about expretion and depth. With words like that you know you will be able to learn somthing about the artist by looking at their creations. Frankly, my "art" dose not live up to these descriptive words, but I am trying to get there.

Meet the artist This is me, and the following are my attempts at creating art.

These are just a few drawings I have done recently or within the last few months. these are not all of the things I have done sence the summer began for sure, but they are a few.

This was with charcoal. I did it in Zomba (a mountain) when we were there for vacation at a cottage. I dont really love how it turned out. Now that i look back on it, i could fix quite a few things about it.
I put a few drawings and things on my wall. That turned out pretty cool. I moved my loft bed to a diferent part of my room today though, so that i could put up my masquito net. NOw that wall is kind of covered by my bed. :(
I drew this after watching the Patriot. I like taht movie :) This was with charcoal as well. It didn't turn out taht great becuase I wasnt really in the mood for deatails.

This is a painting I did at Amber's house. It is called "Tree Faced" It is about a creep behind a tree how has a huge leafe on his face (there are big leafs in Africa FYI) and that is a tree. You can make up your own story for the rest of it. This picture was inspired by a day when I was playing with Amber in some trees.
This is a poster that Amber, Jim, Timmy, and I made of our summer. I didnt really turn out like I invisiond, but it's alright. It has all these random memories writen or drawn on it. Alot of inside jokes and stuff.

This was with pastells. It was suposed ot be abstract. I used all these nasty colors cuz you can do that with abstract HAHAHA!
These are NOT suposed to be real peopel that I know! So stop asking who it is! And NO taht is NOT me. ugh.... I just drew it like a month or two ago because it seemed like a good picture to draw. To me it looks like Alison and Robert hehehe.

Thats... uh... a train. i did this in Zomba as well. that whole week i didnt feel like doing stuff with detail or much thought so this is what i ended up with.
This is a a cat that belongs to some friends in America. That cat is kind of scary... This is how i see that cat. No affence ment to anyone who loves this cat.

This was suposed ot be a cross between Africa and America and... stuff.... and yes, I ment to get everything all out of praportion and stuff.
Thsi one is actualy very old. I think it is from the begining of the summer. It's my iPod.This one is old too. I never really finished it.

Well, thank you for taking time to look at some of my art work. Or at least what i pretend is art work. I can use some practice and then i'll be good! YES! I'll try to post a real post somtime soon.

Have a great day,


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