Thursday, September 29, 2011

What to wear...

I've been in a princess-y mood lately. I find myself daydreaming about castles at least 5 stories high, long beautiful dresses lined with silver, and of course princes, nights and horses and the rest. I've always wanted to wear one of those long dresses. I find them much prettier than short skinny dresses like people wear today. Why did huge princess dresses have to go out of style? Just kidding, that would be kind of weird, but still, you can't blame me. Who wouldn't want to wear a dress like that once in their life?

I have been trying to decide what to be for reading day. You all know what that is right? It's basically a day when everyone at school dresses up like a character from a book. I.LOVE.IT! Last year my costume failed. I was Kale from Dragon Spell. This year I was going to be, none other than, yes, a princess. I have a long pink dress that used to be my mom's when she was in college or something. I sort of gave up on that idea because the dress seemed a bit much though I may end up wearing it anyway. After giving up on that I decided I was going to be a girl from a book i read a few years ago and just wear my blue and white dress from Easter but I think that would be a little inaccurate to the book. Now I am set on trying to be a girl from Dr. Seuss. You know, with the tutu skirt, weird striped shirt and gloves, long knee-high socks, pointy shoes, oddly coloured hair, ect. I don't have the socks, shoes, tutu, or hair but I hope to obtain all but the hair sometime within the coming week. If I can't get that stuff I will settle for one of my priorly mentioned ideas.

Hopefully this years reading day goes well. it is next friday. YAY! I will make sure to take a picture or two of my brothers and I in our fabulous outfits. Stay tuned.

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