Monday, October 3, 2011

Fall Has Come

Fall time is here. It’s hard to believe that it’s already October. It seems like just a few days ago it was still August. What happened?

In America I always knew when the seasons were changing. It was obvious because of the weather and the leaves on the trees. Here in Malawi it just gets hotter and a bit cooler. Other than that there aren’t a lot of noticeable changes in seasons.

So it’s already the tenth month of the year! Months will go by and it will only feel like it’s been a couple weeks. Everything happens so fast here, but a lot happens too. I learn more and more all the time. Living here has a lot of advantages for me personally and I learn a lot not only about history, science and math but also a lot about God, life, myself and others. It fascinates me.

Anyway, fall time is here and it has come on fast and almost unexpectedly. I didn’t realize it WAS fall time. And I guess it isn’t. Right now in Malawi it is actually spring, and summer is on its way. It has gotten noticeably hotter out lately and I have even gone swimming a few times in the last few weeks. I usually hate swimming, but it was fun and a nice way to get cooled off. I got sun burned though and my shoulders hurt. :P

This is suicide month; October, one of the hottest months of the year. There is no rain until rainy season which starts in November or December. So far I haven’t found it to be too bad, but it very well could get a lot worse, a lot hotter I mean. This is called suicide month because it is so hot.

Like I said, it shouldn’t start raining for a little while, but today, for the first time in a long time, it rained. It was more like a drizzle than a real rain but I count it. This has probably been the first time it has rained sense last school year! But… I never seem to remember those kinds of things, so I may be wrong.

So for better or for worse, spring time has arrived. For people in America it is fall, and I suppose it is also football season. We have been playing football (yes, American, tackle football) in P.E. the last few days, but now we are going to do swimming. Ugh… At least you don’t get all sweaty.

I am looking forward to the rainy season, but not so much to the heat. I will definitely miss the leaves changing color and the opportunity to rake them and get some money. Like last year it will be interesting to spend Thanksgiving and Christmas in a tropical/summery kind of weather instead of in the snow, but I’m sure it will turn out alright.

I hope your fall time, or spring, or whatever it is for you, is a great season this year. May it remind you of God’s creativity and power. Also, we can all be thankful for His love and thought in everything He has done for us. I am proud to say that I have a God who made everything, knows everything, is perfect, full of love, and He hasn’t left us. He didn’t leave the world to work its self out on its own. He is there to help us and bring joy. The Holy Spirit lives in me, and thus, I can have this joy. I pray that you would find this joy too.

Thanks for reading. 


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