Sunday, October 2, 2011

My Weekend

Over the weekend I had Jessica and Sarah over. We had a pretty good time. I was already tired from the week of school and not getting alot of sleep so I was trying to stay awake the whole time.

(In my room. Jessica, Sarah and I)

On Friday they came down to my house after school and then we went up to find Jim and see if anyone was still at school. We hung around for a while and then walked down with a group of people who were going to the cell youth group shortly after.

All of the cell group people went to Caleb Spencer's house and the rest of us walked down to my house. We went to Pot Luck wich was very empty becuase all of the teenagers had gone to cell except for me and my friends. After playing ping-pong for a while and eating supper jessica, Sarah and I went back to my house where we goofed around with the sound recorder on jess' phone for a while and then drew pictures to put in a time capsel.

(Jessica drinking her watter at pot luck where we were all sitting on the couch.)

We drew a map of campus and planed out a good root to get to Caleb's house where my brother Jim and his friends Timmy and Ryan were camping in Caleb's back yard. We wanted to prank them but we figured we couldnt really do it at night so we planed to do it in the moring. We told Caleb's little brother Samuel and his friend John Mark to meet us at the big termite mound at ten till 5:00. Caleb's house is 4 houses up from mine so we planed to just walk through the back yards and then set my phone by their tent with an alarm that would go off with anm annoying song.

(Sarah at 10 to 5:00 on saturday morning. We were all really tired.)

I woke up at 4:30 and took a 10 minut shower (wich is a huge record for me I usualy take really long showers) and then we got dressed and walked quietly up through the back yards to the turmite mound. We waited for 15 minuts for Samuel and John Mark but they never showed up. I walked through the final back yard to see if they actualy had camed out in the back yard but I didn't see anything so I went back to Sarah and Jessica.

Sence we couldn't prank them we went up to the soccer field to watch the sunrise. We played air tenniss at the tenniss court and air basket ball at the basket ball court. Then we played air guitar with a rake that was on a tree and watched the sunrise.

That day we figured out that Jim and his frineds had camped out in the tree house. We were kind of disapointed that we didn't get to scare them but it was ok. they just would have gotten mad anyway. later we played sardeens on the school grounds then went swimming. That was fun.

( After swimming in Amber's room. Amber lives on campus and is another one of my friends)

Before Jessica and Sarah left jessica really wanted a group picture. We went and got timmy and Ryan who were in the chapel playing drums and they went and got Jima nd Caleb who were watching a show at my house. Sarah really didn't want to be in the picture but we made her. Jessica took the picture.

(Our group picture: Ryan, Timmy, Caleb, Jim, me, Sarah [left to right] )

We all had great weekend - but a tireing one. Now I am going to go to bed early all week to get back my energy.

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