Saturday, October 8, 2011

Once Again, a Good Weekend

Today, Saturday, was really fun. I started out my day with waking up from a good sleep and playing some video games with my little brothers and their friend Mike. Samuel Spencer came to get all the boys to play Monopoly at his house. They all left so I was about to walk up and get Amber when she and Sarah walked up the side walk. We all walked around for a while and went to see if Ryan, Timmy, and Caleb wanted to go get everyone else to play a game but they had just woken up and didn’t want to go outside. We got my little brothers and my friends John Mark and Samuel from my class and we all went swimming for a bit.

Sarah, Amber and I walked back to my house to change out of our swim suits after swimming. I was washing mascara off my face and got soap in my eye which really hurt. Then I got an eyelash in my eye that I couldn’t get out. It cut my eye a few times before I got it out and by then you can imagine it really hurt.
(Amber and Sarah on the road on campus)

We gathered up a TON of people at the pavilion after we got changed to play capture the flag. There was Jim, Will, Mike, Timmy, Ryan, Caleb, Samuel, John Mark, Kimmy, Molly, Amber, Sarah, Loraine, Alison, Katelyn, Andrew, and Mzati. Mzati was being really racist to himself because he was the only black kid. He had funny racist jokes but it was so mean. Mzati is in my class, he is cool. Anyway, we had a ton of people and we played capture the flag across the whole school campus. We used Amber’s shoes as flags and played for about 3 hours. It was SO fun! I ran so much, and it was really fun with so many people. Both teams hid their flags in really cheap places though.

Everyone got kind of angry at each other after ward for puppy guarding and for hiding flags in really invisible and hard places. We were all pretty much done with that game and some people had to go home so we all dispersed. Jim, Ryan, Timmy, and Caleb were all trying to get permission to sleep over at Timmy’s house so Timmy went to Caleb’s house to get a phone and Ryan and Jim went to their houses to ask their parents. I went with Caleb, Timmy and Mzati to Caleb’s house. We sat in the living room for a while and talked about book that we don’t like and then we went and got the golf cart form Granny’s house. One of the tires was flat so we just walked. We went up with Jim so he could plank stuff and then everyone kind of just went home because they couldn’t sleep over at Timmy’s.

Steve went out with my mom and dad to dinner at the Copper Pot tonight for Steve’s birthday. Steve turns 10 tomorrow. He is so old. I drew him a cool ‘hippos crossing’ sign and bought him a Kit Kat candy bar. I also have to wake up super early to help make him a nice breakfast before I go to Sunday school. It should be a fun double-digits day for him. He has been really excited about it all week.

 I’d love to hear from you if you wana’ comment and give me some feedback. Everyone knows that everyone LOVES comments. Thanks for caring about my life and reading my blog. I appreciate it all. 

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