Saturday, October 29, 2011

Poem (Erosion)

EROSION 27, oct. 2011

Does this world not fear erosion? As each day it keeps its motion.
Spinning round, and round, and round, hiding what it had before.

Does it plan to take the fail? As to spend its life in jail
Does the earth know that its feet will crumble --- then will we not fall?

What happened? Where did it go? The people deserve to know.
Has its light been sucked out? The core left empty and full of doubt.

If all the stars were to fall, and crash on the earth, It’ might be better still,
To take that fire, As a gift, as worth

We’d call, it clos-er to paradise. Ain’t so dark, anymore.
But the world, disagrees, with the light….
Erosion, take erosion, if you won’t accept what’s right
Erosion take erosion,
Crumble then…

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