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Yesterday was Reading Day at school. Reading day is basically a day dedicated to reading and is one of the oldest traditions at my school. On Reading Day everyone dresses up as their favorite character from a book. Usually, though, people are just any old character that they can find or make a costume for. A ton of little kids are always super heroes like Spiderman but we older kids aren’t allowed to be people from comic books.

So, let me tell you what I was. I was the princes from the story “The Princess and the Tin Box.” It isn’t actually a book, but I didn’t tell anyone that. It’s just a short story, but it is in various books, so I figure it counts.

In the story the princes has to merry which ever prince brings her the best gift. The first prince brings her a golden apple from the mouth of a dragon. The second brings her something else that is valuable (I forgot). And yet another prince brings her a tin box because he comes from a poor family. He brought all that he could. That little tin box was his prize and he brought it as a gift for his princes; all that he had.

At the end of the story the princess thinks long and hard about the decision she must make. She has to pick the right prince. She admires the poor prince because he brought all that he had while others brought only a portion of what they owned. After long consideration... no, actually she did not have to think very hard at all, she knew who she must choose. She chose the prince with the best gift: the prince with the golden apple!

:P Awesome huh? Ironic.

All week I had been planning my costume. I rented (or my mom rented for me) a dress from some people that some family friends know, and so did my friend Alison. We both got princess dresses to wear. I also bought (or, my dad bought for me) blond hair dye to go with my costume and this girl I know named Colleen, who graduated from ABCCA last year, came and helped me dye my hair. It didn’t really turn out blond. Since my hair is pretty thick she ran out of dye and I don’t think I left it on long enough. It did make my hair lighter. There is a bit of blond and it looks orange because I guess I have a bit of red in my hair that the dye brought out. According to Colleen this hair color actually suits me better and Timmy, Caleb, Amber, and Sarah all think it turned out really cool, so I’m not going to complain.

(The picture my dad took of all of us before school. Jim-Bystandard #2 [him and his frineds decided to be lame and wear normal cloths] Will- Greg Hefly from Diary of a Wimpy Kid, me-the princess from "The Princess and the Tin Box" and Steve- Gimly from Lord Of the Rings.)

Reading Day started for me at about 5:00 AM. I woke up and did my blue “princess makeup” and then got my dress on. The dress was really long so I wore high heels which made me taller than my older brother Jim and pretty much everyone else. It was pretty cold in the morning too, so my mom let me borrow one of her really comfy scarves. After getting dressed I was bored because it was only like 6:00 AM. School started at 7:00 so my mom had me draw her sign (She was ‘Sam I am’) before we went to school.

My dad took a picture of all of us and then we got in the car to go. We usually walk, but sense I had an enormous dress and my mom had a ton of stuff to bring to school we drove. The first thing at school was the parade. All the little kids marched from their end of the school though the out-door hall past all the rest of the school on their way to the pavilion for a school wide chapel. We all followed after them of course but first we got to watch them all walk by and we got to see all of their costumes. That was fun I guess.

(Some of the parade)

After the parade we went to the chapel. I guess it wasn’t really a chapel; it was just a Reading Day thing. We prayed and then there was a play preformed by the teachers, which was really funny, and a poem was read by the poet who wrote it (I don’t know who he was). Then there were AR awards for all the kids who do AR which is everyone in 6th grade and below. That is always boring. Following the AR stuff was the real reason all the upper school kids were there: costume awards. My friends Sarah won an award for her costume. She was the Mad Hatter. She spent probably 5 hours making her costume. She made an awesome hat, had face paint and makeup, a suit jacket with miss-matching striped cloths and a lot of other stuff. It was really good. My friend Caleb won an award too. He was the Phantom of the Opera. He had a cape and a cool half face mask thing. He looked really cool. He tied with another girl in his class, my friend Alison, the one with a princess dress. Her dress was yellow and poufy and SO cool! She looked really pretty. I’m not sure who she was. When both she and Caleb went up to get their awards Caleb put his arm around Alison for a picture and everyone went “Awww!” He made some eighth graders jealous I think. Haha.

(Amber as Alice from Alice in Wonderland and Sarah as The Mad Hatter at the chapel for Reading day)

After the chapel was break time and we all just walked around and talked and stuff like that. Sarah and Amber and some other characters from Alice in Wonderland went around scaring kids and making them believe that Alice (Amber) had lost her white rabbit.

When break was over there was a surprise for all the kids in 7th grade and above. Usually my school doesn’t do anything for Reading Day, we just have normal classes, but this time we had to do a scavenger hunt. It would have been really fun except for the fact that I was wearing a huge, heavy, long, princess dress that I had to hold up while I ran and at the same time to try to be very careful not to ruin it sense I was only renting it. We split into four teams and got different colored fabric to tie on our heads that would distinguish who was on what team. We got clues at each place we went to and had to figure things out, like math, or find the missing words by looking in a book, or we had to make a human pyramid, or perform a play on the spot. I actually had a pretty good time. After everyone had finished we all got two Twizelers and a bottle of wetter.

(Some of my friends and I at break time. [left to right] Brianna-Cinderella, Carla-Bell, Jessica-Minni Mouse, Amy-one of the cards from Alice in Wonderland, Sarah-The Mad Hatter, Amber-Alice, and me-the princess.)

When everyone was finished with the scavenger hunt school was pretty much over because we got out at 12:00 noon sense it was a special day. All of the students were just mingling at that point and I found out that Alison accidently tore part of the dress she had rented while doing the scavenger hunt. Yeah, not good.

(My mom and her class.)

After getting called a sixth grader by a few people I walked down to my house with Amber. Honestly I forgot what I did for most of that after noon. All I remember is that Jim, Amber, Caleb and I were hanging out around the school or something. Amber had to go home after a while so Jim was planking and flag poling stuff with Caleb. Then Caleb, Steve and I walked down to pot-luck. Amber and Sarah showed up after a while so Caleb, Amber, Sarah and I hung out in the front yard for a while, talking and playing with little kids. We were trying to do cartwheels and stuff but we all kind of failed at that. Steve, my flexible little brother totally dominated.

Over all Reading Day was a good day. I enjoyed it. I am looking forward to next year’s Reading Day. I definitely won’t wear a huge dress again though. It was fun but it was a pain.

Thanks for reading about my life. Have a good day! 

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