Saturday, November 19, 2011

I'm an MK

I actualy love being a missionary kid. I may be one of the only MKs who actualy likes living here, and I might very well be one of few who likes the idea of being a missionary, but I don't care. People say I am too "goody goody" and I'm such a "white missionary" (I don't know what that means) and it bothers me, but it won't make me change.

(This is a picture of all, or most, of the ABC missionary kids at ABC Christian Acadamy [my school]. There are other misionary kids at the school but they are not all ABC missionarys. And then there are just the other kids who go to the school.)

I really like my school because it is sort of small. [Well the elementry grades are pretty avarage sized classes I guess but there are not nearly as many kids in junior hight and high school.] I like it becuase evryone knows everyone and everyone is pretty nice. I think its a really good christian environment to learn in.

Some people tell me that that its stupid to be in a really good christian comunity becuase "you need to be exposed to the badness of the outside world otherwise you won't know what to expect" and if "you don't have non christian feiends than there is no point in being a christian" but seriusly, I am already exposed to "the outside world" by many things. I don't need it to follow me at school. To me school is a place to learn. that is why I hate it that school is so long. I wish i could just go learn for a while and then come back and have a life. I like talking to my frineds at lunch and after school, but in class, school is to learn and to learn only. I don't want to have to deal with the struggle of people swearing all the time and talkign about bad stuff, and rummers going around... There is already enough of that at school and a ton more every where else: In music, on TV, out in real life... Point is. that kind of stuff drives me insane. I can handle it for a while, but I HATE being around that. The world is gettign really perverted. At my school it is a really good healthy christian environment for the most part, and I think it's great that the "real world" hasn't swallowed it up. I like that it is a good place with good pleople. I francly do not agree that you "HAVE to be around alot of bad stuff in order to servive in the world". I don't ahve to be a part of that. I don't have to be of this world. I can have Jesus and share him to the world without being a part of it.

Anyway, I get pretty home sick for Colorado somtimes becuase of the cold weather or the fun activities and things you can do there, but in the long run I really think I like it better here right now at least. I feel like God can use me here. I feel like my heart becoms more moldable here. I feel like I can actualy become a better Christuian and a better person here. I probubly could in America too, but it is hard there. There are so many stors and things you can get and do, and more presure to be "fashnable" and all these things that put you in a selfish, greedy mindset.

In Malawi, you can't really buy anything too exciting and no one cares very much what you wear. Surely some people do, but my friends and the people I'm around either don't care or I don't care if they care or not. Life definitly has it's dificulties here like no watter, power outs, gass shortages, nothing to do, no were to go, and always being stuck on campus, but it has its good side. For instance, not having much watter or only having cold watter teaches you to really be thankful for somthing as simple as running watter when you do have it. It also teahces you to rely on God to get you what you need, or to let you go without somthing to teach you a lesson or to ultimitly glorify God. In a similer way always being stuck on campus teaches you to use your talents and creat somthing, to use what God gave you instead of watching TV, or sittign on the internet. Nothing to do also lets you play somthing outsside and to be thankful for other teenage MKs to hang out with. ----- The tiny lessons you learn just be being here are things that I really, really apriciate. life just seems harder in America to me now. Everything is WAY to easy there. It bugs me.

When I grow up, I don't know what I want to do. I like helping peopel, I like being around people and I like sharing what I know. Sometimes I think I could make a pretty cool teahcer but then I don't really know if I would or not. Some of the creative things that my teachers do inspire me to think of cool teachery creative things taht i could use one day. But I don't know if I would like being a teacher. I want to do somthing with art. You can do alot of things with that. And I sort of want to come back here when I grow up, or go someplace, but I guess I will just wait to see what God want's me to do.

Whatever it may be in the future, I know I am where I'm ment to be now. That could change within any amount of time, but for now, this is where I am, and I like it. I love being an MK regardless of what people tell me, and of the dificulties that come along with a third-world counrty. I'm glad God sent me here. It's pretty coolio.

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  1. Hey Elizabeth its really cool that you do this i wish i could be more like you. Keep going strong, you might face problems being the only girl in your family but thats normal it happens to everyone boy or girl.